Pre iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Top Cydia Tweak: OneHandWizard

Jailbreak 8.2 Tweaks
Do you own an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus? If so, you likely know how difficult it can be to use your iOS device with one hand at certain times. Thankfully, a new (pre) iOS 8.2 jailbreak tweak was recently released that solves the issue.

Pre iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Tweak: iPhone 6, 6 Plus

The above video from popular iOS YouTuber iCrackUriDevice provides a great walkthrough of the tweak mentioned above, called OneHandWizard.

Plus, while the iOS 8 jailbreak tweak is premium (you have to buy it), the developer of OneHandWizard and iCrackUriDevice are teaming up to give away 10 free copies. It doesn’t get any better than that; watch the video for complete details!

For those of you interested in an iOS 8.2 jailbreak, sit tight, we’ve got your back. Thanks for reading, Scribbal fans, and don’t forget to bookmark our URL for even more Apple news!

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