Mark Zuckerberg Has a Facebook Stalker

zuckerberg Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken out a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda, a man who Zuckerberg claims has been stalking him, his sister Randi and his girlfriend, and using threatening language via Facebook. According to TMZ.com, Manukonda, 31, has been going to Facebook offices in an effort to contact Zuckerberg for money and, according to a... Read more »

Your New Virgin Mobile Android Will Come Preloaded with SCVNGR

SCVNGR SCVNGR and Virgin Mobile, a Sprint brand, have come together to bring the location-based game preloaded to the new prepaid Virgin Mobile Android phones. The first Android-based smartphone to get the special treatment will be the LG Optimus V, available this February. The app will be available on all new Virgin Mobile Android platform phones later this month. The... Read more »

Instagram Returns Fire at Picplz: We Have an API, too

Instagram Returns Fire at Picplz: We Have an API, too Following competitor's Picplz's API and analytics dashboard announcement, Instagram announced their own Application Programming Interface. Instagram put out a call yesterday inviting developers to sign up to utilize their API, explaining that "we feel that the first step to creating a lasting company is to work with the many talented developers out there in the... Read more »

Marketers Could be Expecting More Returns from Social Media in 2011

emarketer-logoA It's could take more than popularity to get marketers to invest in the coming year, according to eMarketer. The metrics used to calculate returns on investment are shifting the importance away from things like site hits and comments posted to more solid results, like conversions and revenue generated. Up to now, traffic on a site has been the deciding factor... Read more »

Oi Brings Social Media Week Home Through Twitter Translator

Oi Oi Acontece, a major sponsor of Social Media Week,  will offer a new platform that will translate all of the major tweets coming out of  SMW for its native Brazilian followers.  A team at Oi will be filtering SMW news coming out all over the world and translating it into their native Portuguese, giving SMW a truly international following. The Oi SMW website... Read more »

Facebook Rolls Out Live Comments System to All Users

Facebook logo angled You know the drill: Your open Facebook tab flashes to let you know that you have a notification. You switch to the window to discover that someone else has commented on that awesome picture of a cat inside a glass your friend posted earlier. But in order to see the comment, you have to refresh the page. However, in an effort to make all of our social networking... Read more »

Path Introduces Comments System

Path logo On a day where comment systems are undergoing big changes, 'personal' network Path has revealed a new update to its iPhone app, which introduces real-time comments to photo streams. Path Chat builds on the recently-introduced Emotion feature and will allow you to have a conversation with your contacts on your photos and videos (or 'moments' as Path calls them).... Read more »

Picplz Fires Shot at Instagram with API, Analytics Dashboard

Picplz Photo sharing service Picplz has announced the release of its Application Programming Interface for third-party developers, as well as support for Creative Commons licensing and an analytics service for brands. The company has set up a library of jQuery samples which will allow developers to include Picplz's filters when uploading images onto their sites and/or... Read more »

GetGlue Revs Up Partnership with Hit Motoring Show Top Gear

getglue top gear sticker1 Social entertainment check-in network GetGlue has sped up its relationship with BBC America, with the reveal of three new stickers for fast-paced motoring show Top Gear. The humor-filled car show, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, premieres on BBC America tonight (Monday, Feb. 7) at 9/8c, and checking-in on one of the GetGlue apps or... Read more »

Seesmic Adds Klout to Social Media Toolbox

Seesmic Seesmic's social media utility belt just strapped on another power tool. After recently receiving $4M in funding from Salesforce and Softbank Group, Seesmic put some of the revenue to use by adding Klout to its network of social media resources. According to Klout, this addition will benefit the Seesmic enterprise market most. Klout generates a numeric value based... Read more »

ZAGAT’s New Android App Uses Foodspotting Photos, Foursquare Tips

ZAGAT Fighting off all those urges to binge eat just got that much harder. ZAGAT's new app for Android helps food lovers spot menu gems and avoid stomach churning, Tums popping, meals with Foursquare tips and Foodspotting photos. Developed by Handmark, the app allows you to search for nearby eateries at the touch of a button and preview dishes via Foodspotting photos.... Read more »

Last.fm Radio To Go Premium On Your Mobile and Home Devices

Last.fm Radio To Go Premium On Your Mobile and Home Devices You have one week to enjoy Last.fm Radio for free on your iPhone or Android before it becomes an ad-free, subscriber-only feature - costing you $3 a month. Last.fm announced today that starting February 15, 2011, Last.fm Radio will go premium on your mobile and home devices. But don't fret; Last.fm will stay free on its website for US, UK, and German listeners,... Read more »