Foursquare’s New ‘Radar’ Feature Could Lead To Death Of The Check-in

Flickr Last week, Foursquare added a fascinating new feature called Radar to its iPhone app. Rather than having to check-in to see what's happening at a venue, Radar uses the technology introduced in iOS 5 to provide you with notifications when you are close to a location that might be of interest to you. If you're situated close to a place on your To-Do list, not too... Read more »

Foursquare Updates BlackBerry App, Adds Notification Tray And More

Flickr Foursquare has rolled out an update to its BlackBerry app. The app now includes the notification tray, better settings and account management and more. The notification tray is a feature that has been available on the Android and iPhone apps for several months. The feature keeps you up to date with all of your friends' activity on the location-based service. It... Read more »

Foursquare 4.0 Launches, ‘Radar’ Feature Comes To iPhone App

Flickr With Wednesday's public launch of iOS 5 -- the software that powers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices -- developers are finding ways to use the latest version of Apple's firmware to their advantage. One of the most interesting new aspects of iOS 5 is a feature that allows you to receive a notification when you are close to a specific location. Foursquare has... Read more »

Neiman Marcus Launches Scavenger Hunt On Foursquare, Win A Designer Handbag

Neiman Marcus If there are any 2 things that make a social media savvy girl’s heart flutter, it's handbags and Foursquare (take it from me, I’m one of them). High end department store Neiman Marcus has managed to combine both of those supremely awesome things in its first ever Foursquare challenge. This challenge is not your average Foursquare Special – it’s a full on... Read more »

Foursquare Global Hackathon Winner Revealed As ‘Plan Your Next Trip’ Scoops Top Prize

foursquare checkin featured Earlier this month, Foursquare held its first global hackathon from which several interesting apps have emerged. Since that weekend, Foursquare has been trying out the more than 90 apps that were submitted from all over the world, looking at factors such as utility, execution and overall value. Now, the location-based service has revealed the winners of the... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Customer Loyalty Programs And Social Media

brand-loyalty-full A loyal consumer is invaluable to brands which is why some companies reward customers for loyalty. This infographic published by Get Satisfaction shows what users expect out of company loyalty programs and new ways companies can offer incentives -- including offering social rewards. Supermarket loyalty programs, airline frequent flier clubs and credit card... Read more »

Foursquare Is Now 1 Billion Check-ins Strong

foursquare-1-billion Foursquare had a good summer -- a really, really good summer. The service closed in on a $50 million round of funding, reached over 10 million users, hit 500,000 merchant accounts and started working with some of the most popular daily deals services to create new ways to encourage users to check-in. All that hard work finally paid off because last week, the... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Popularity Of Geotagging, Location-based Check-ins In The Social Media Space

every-move Many of us don’t think twice when we check-in to our favorite location-based service -- but how much of ourselves are we really giving away? While it’s not totally necessary to tell our friends we hit up the local pub for lunch or that we are currently tweeting from the Big Apple, there are a lot of us who do it anyway. This infographic by Visible outlines the... Read more »

Foursquare Lets You Make Your Home Venue More Secure, Adds Privacy Option

neighborhood featured When using Foursquare, it is important to protect your privacy. For obvious reasons, it's not exactly wise to share the location of your home when you check-in and then tell the world when you are away from your house by checking-in at another venue and sharing that information on other social networks. With that in mind, Foursquare has rolled out a new way for... Read more »

Foursquare Hackathon Results In Some Intriguing Apps, Vote For Your Favorite

foursquare checkin featured This past weekend, Foursquare held a two-day hackathon in which it invited developers from all over the world to create new apps using the location-based service's API. Foursquare hosted events in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris, but developers were allowed to create and submit apps from anywhere. This event follows on from a hackathon that was held in... Read more »
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