New Social Network RockStar Motel Bridges The Gap Between Artists And Music Fans

rockstar-motel-featured Most of us probably get our favorite albums through downloads – whether it’s legally through a service like iTunes or illegally through torrents. It’s undeniable that the music industry has shifted and the precedent is no longer on record sales, but revenue generated through single downloads. Streaming services like Spotify and Rhapsody make it possible for... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: LinkedIn Inspects Data To Find Origins Of Startup Founders

linkedin featured Ever wonder what makes an entrepreneur? We hear the names of schools and former companies tossed around when we're talking about the founders of the tech startup du jour, but are there certain places that foster true talent? LinkedIn released an infographic outlining common roots for entrepreneurs including data like age, college major and location. LinkedIn... Read more »

GoAct Launches Plango, Social Calendar With Facebook Integration

plango logo featured Mobile social startup GoAct has announced the launch of Plango, a social calendar with Facebook integration that aims to make it easy for you to plan events with your friends. Plango, which is available as an iPhone app and a Web-based mobile app, helps you to turn your ideas for social events into concrete plans with your friends. It does this through a social... Read more »

Twitter Acquires Social Discovery Tool Bagcheck

bagcheck-2 Twitter has acquired search and discovery startup Bagcheck. While it's unclear how the microblogging service plans to use the startup, the platform allows users to create a list or "bag" of their favorite products for specific activities. For example, a user could make a collection of kitchen tools and include their favorite pots, pans and utensils then share their... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Which Tech Companies Help Spawn The Most Successful Startups

spawnsmall Tech companies are constantly battling to secure the highest level of talent, but once the talent is there, it doesn't mean it's secure. Star employees from some of the top tech companies like Google and Microsoft often jump ship to start their own endeavors. Out of this, many new and innovative companies are born. With all of the startups that have launched from... Read more »

Oxygen Channel Partners With GroupMe For Paris Hilton’s New Show, ‘The World According To Paris’

YouTube Oxygen has teamed up once again with the one-year-old startup, GroupMe, for their new show, "The World According To Paris." The network will promote the group messaging service through an on-air plug. GroupMe might be a small startup, but it's a smart partnership for Paris' new show. The service offers private fan chat rooms instead of the large, live public chats... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Zaarly’s Major Milestones, $1M In Transactions

zaarly Zaarly, the service that allows you to buy and sell goods and services with members of your local community, has hit $1 million worth of transactions. This is a major milestone for a site that launched less than a month ago. To commemorate their $1 million, Zaarly has created an infographic that documents some interesting facts about the service like which states... Read more »

Formspring Rolls Out Verification Program, Favorites

formspring_featured Formspring, the question and answer service, has recently given users a new way to connect with celebrities, musicians and other notable users by listing them in their "Formspring Favorites" section on the right side of the screen. Since their launch 18 months ago the service has put almost all of their effort towards connecting friends, but don't you already know... Read more »

Lady Gaga, Manager Troy Carter To Create New Social Network Backplane

ladygaga-feature Lady Gaga has teamed up with her manager Troy Carter to create a new social startup. The social network called Backplane has already raised over $1 million in a round of funding led by Tomorrow Ventures, the investment firm founded by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Gaga, who's an informal consultant of Backplane, owns 20 percent of the company. According... Read more »

Former Yahoo Senior VP Tuoc Luong Joins Yatown Board, Invests In Startup

yatown Yatown, a hyper-local social network that launched earlier this month that brings communities closer together, has announced that the former Senior VP of Yahoo's Global Search, Tuoc Luong, has joined their board and invested in the startup. Luong is a great addition to the company and a veteran of the industry. In addition to his role at Yahoo, Luong worked with... Read more »
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