INFOGRAPHIC: Why Do We ‘Check-In’ On Location-Based Services?

locationbased For users like myself who are so ingrained in the world of social media and jump at the chance to try the latest trend, it's hard to remember that some people don't use location-based services. According to an infographic created by marketing firm Beyond, only 17 percent of people use services like Facebook Places, Foursquare and Yelp, but why hasn't everyone jumped... Read more »

Yelp Makes Plans To Go Public

yelp-feature Yelp, the geosocial app and website which gained popularity from its user-based restaurant reviews, have decided to go public. After declining another round of funding, they're considering an IPO. Last year Jeremy Stoppelman, Chief Executive Officer, said that the company likely wouldn't go public for several years. It declined buyout offers from both Google and... Read more »

Yelp to Measure Call Traffic to Businesses

yelp-sticker Yelp will be adding call tracking to its wildly popular review site so it can measure the amount of phone traffic it provides to businesses. By doing this, Yelp will be able to get an accurate view of how much business it is driving to the companies it lists. The call tracking will be handled by call measurement solutions provider Telmetrics. Yelp already serves... Read more »

Yelp Brings New Languages To Business Accounts

france-flag Yelp has ramped up its international expansion with the launch of multilingual support for business accounts. The local business search network has been available in France, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands for some time, but it is only now bringing business accounts to those countries and users will be able to control their free business account in their native... Read more »

Google and Yelp Continue to Fight Over Places Listings

yelp-feature Yelp and Google are at it again over Google's use of Yelp's user generated reviews. The battle has raged for years, and with Google's release of their Google Places app, it's only escalating. Yelp is still unhappy with Google's use of Yelp's content in their search results, but Google says: either keep 'em free or forget about being listed. No matter how much Yelp... Read more »

Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp Rank in Top 50 Sites for Web Traffic

internet-user-featured Facebook is leading the charge for social media sites in the #4 slot for unique visitors, according to media metric ranker comScore. Facebook sits up there with the big ones like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft with just over 153 million unique visitors in January. You have to scan down a bit to find LinkedIn at #36 with 29 million unique visitors. It's seen a recent... Read more »

Yelp Check-in Update Makes it Easier to Reach Royalty Status

yelp-feature Yelp, the metropolis-based social check-in service, changed up its royalty system, allowing users to earn Dukedom after three check-ins. We all have lofty goals of making it big one day, but it'll probably never be easier than snatching a baron title on Yelp with a mere three check-ins. Besides this update, the system still works as it has since it launched... Read more »

Yelp Opens Up Travel Options for Service Providers

yelp logo featured Local business network Yelp has opened a suite of new options for firms that provide services in more than one area. Starting Wednesday, owners of service-based businesses who have unlocked their Yelp page will be able to specify up to five major cities that their service area covers. Say, for instance, that a tow truck business operates out of New York, but also... Read more »

Yelp Teams Up With Opentable for In-App Mobile Table Reservations

yelp logo featured Hungry Yelp users on iPhone, iPad and Android can now make restaurant reservations on the go thanks to the app's partnership with Opentable. The update to Yelp Mobile means that users can now take advantage of the Opentable integration that Yelp's users have been able to take advantage of since the companies teamed up in June last year. The web version of the... Read more »