INFOGRAPHIC: Websites Struggling To Block Social Spam

Flickr For almost as long as Facebook and other social networking services have been around, spam has been a problem for them. There are more than a few reasons why spammers prefer to target Facebook users than email accounts, as one piece of spam sent through social networking services is 250 times as impactful as a piece of spam that's sent via email. That's just one... Read more »

Facebook Unveils New Security Measures, Details Security Features In Infographic

vault people Facebook has announced several new security features that aim to keep you and your Facebook account safe. The social network is testing the Trusted Friends and App Passwords tools, while it has published an infographic which details some of the many security features that you can take advantage of on Facebook. The Trusted Friends tool will help you out if you ever... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How UK Politicians Use Twitter, Facebook And Other Social Media Services

Flickr As you may or may not know, over 40 percent of British Members of Parliament are on Twitter. They seem to enjoy the power of sharing their thoughts quickly with a global audience as they recently voted against a motion that would have banned the use of Twitter during debates. Of course, having an active social media presence might help them out during elections, so... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Lifespan Of A Web Page On StumbleUpon

stumbleupon-life-featured When a Web page is added to StumbleUpon, it may start to receive a ton of traffic. In fact, StumbleUpon is responsible for as much as half of all social media traffic referrals to websites in the U.S., far more than the likes of Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. However, how does the amount of engagement that StumbleUpon provides Web pages with change over time? An... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Perks On Offer At Facebook, Google, Twitter And Other Social Companies

perks-ig-featured A couple of weeks ago, we brought you an infographic that offered some handy tips on what to do if you want to apply for a job at a tech giant like Facebook, Apple or Google. It revealed the salaries for some top tech jobs and where some of the biggest tech hotspots in the U.S. are, along with tips on what subjects to study and what to include on your... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebooks Mishaps, Controversy And Failed Endeavors

facebook-failures Facebook has caused a lot of controversy in its time. Most recently, the homepage redesign and added news ticker annoyed users and the new Timeline profile had everyone a little bit creeped out over how much information Facebook actually had. It’s unsurprising that most of Facebook’s issues stem from privacy and changes in the user interface because that directly... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Companies View Social Advertising

flotown It’s no secret that social advertising is a hugely popular way for companies to promote themselves. Social networks are constantly developing new and more effective and appealing ways of advertising on their services, like how Twitter moved ads into users' timelines and how Facebook launched a new ad program targeted at smaller businesses. It’s hard to say... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How College Students Use Social Networking

fb-university Social networking is extremely popular in colleges across the country. After all, Facebook started at one, right? Social networking has changed everything from the way students learn to how they meet new people and even date. While studies are mixed on the benefits of using social networks in an educational setting, we can all agree that students will not be stopping... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Top Nonprofits Are Using Social Networking Services

nonprofit-ig-featured In recent years, social networking services have enabled many organizations, including nonprofits, to gain a level of visibility they may not have had before. Indeed, back in May, we brought you an infographic which shows the impact that Facebook and Twitter are having on social fundraising. It was revealed that nonprofits who use Twitter consistently beat their... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: What AddThis Has Seen In 5 Years Of Social Sharing

addthis The content sharing platform AddThis is celebrating its fifth birthday. After 5 years the service reaches 1.2 billion users on 10 million domains and in 70 different languages. To celebrate their success, the service released an interesting infographic about sharing on the Web. In 1 day, AddThis sees 2.56 billion views on their shares. If each of those pageviews... Read more »
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