Moviepilot Offers Movie Recommendations Based On Your Facebook Likes

Columbia Pictures Moviepilot, a recommendation and discovery service for upcoming movies and TV shows, has been launched with the aim of helping you find the upcoming releases that best match your tastes. The service allows you to connect your Facebook account to receive personalized recommendations. Moviepilot has more than 4 million fans on Facebook and plays host to one of the... Read more »

Empire Avenue Changes How Social Activity Influences Earnings

empire-avenue-featured Social stock market game Empire Avenue has completely changed how your social networking activity impacts your in-game earnings and dividends payouts. Empire Avenue has been receiving feedback from its players on how to improve the game, the user experience and to make the game fairer -- as a result of this feedback, it has decided to change how your social activity... Read more »

Zynga’s Latest Facebook Game ‘Mafia Wars 2′ Is Now Live

mafia wars 2 featured Social gaming company Zynga's newest game, “Mafia Wars 2,” is now available to play on Facebook. It is the first official sequel to a Zynga game and was built by the same team that created “Mafia Wars.” It combines some elements from its predecessor with those from some other Zynga games. Similar to “Adventure World” and “FrontierVille” chapter... Read more »

Disqus Rolls Out Notification Box For Unapproved Comments

disqus logo The commenting platform Disqus has rolled out a new notification box that will offer users more transparency when they’re waiting for a comment to be approved. Previously, it was easy for users to forget about comments waiting for approval, which cut down on the conversation that was going on in threads that used the platform. On top of that, users frequently... Read more »

‘Dexter Slice Of Life’ Game Is Now Live On Facebook

dexter A new social game for fans of the hit series Dexter has launched on Facebook with the premiere of the program’s sixth season. The game, which we reported on in July, airs new game episodes the day after each episode from season 6 airs. Throughout the game you can play as Dexter or create your own customized “Dark Passenger.” In order to advance, you have to... Read more »

Dungeons & Dragons ‘Heroes Of Neverwinter’ Game Launches On Facebook

heroes-neverwinter-featured The “Dungeons & Dragons” franchise is one of the most popular series of role-playing games in the world. Over the years, there have been a wealth of video games related to the series and now, you can add a new role-playing game to the mix with the launch of “Heroes of Neverwinter” on Facebook. Released by Atari and developed by Liquid Entertainment, the... Read more »

Zynga Partners With Enrique Iglesias For ‘CityVille’ Promotion, Chance For Sneak Peek Of New Music Video

cityville-featured Zynga and Enrique Iglesias have teamed up to promote the singer's Euphoria Tour in “CityVille.” Starting Tuesday, you'll be greeted by Iglesias within the game -- you'll be able to interact with his avatar, obtain rewards that reflect his life and hobbies and create a Euphoria Arena in your city to unlock a preview of his new music video, “I Like How It... Read more »

Warner Bros. To Launch ‘Social Series’ On Facebook, Adds Your Profile Data To Show

aim high featured Warner Bros. has revealed details of its first “social series” where you will be able to become part of the show through an integration of your Facebook photos, friends and other data. The action comedy show “Aim High” will debut on the social network on Oct. 18. “Aim High” focuses on a young man named Nick Green who's leading a double life -- he's... Read more »

Interactive Map Visualizes Twitter Knowledge By Location

twitter globe featured Have you ever wondered where people who know a lot about a particular subject are located? A cool Twitter visualization map lets you find out just that by letting you view the hottest locations for any topic. InboxQ has analyzed millions of Twitter accounts to find out which users know the most about certain topics and where they are located. The locations of... Read more »

Reppler Launches ‘Reppler Image Score,’ Rates Social Network Profile Content For Potential Employers

reppler With more and more of us joining different social networks, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what information we share, where we share it and who can see it. Many of us don’t think twice about where we post or what we post, but maybe we should. According to a new survey by Reppler, 91 percent of employers use social networking sites to screen prospective... Read more »
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