Twitter App Lets You Track Keywords By SMS

Gnosis Arts Media Group has launched a service that will let you receive notifications via SMS when certain keywords are mentioned on Twitter. The Social Listening Tool lets you receive up to 3 message alerts per day to let you know when someone uses a keyword you want to track in a tweet.

You are limited to using 3 keywords while beta testing takes place and the limit of 3 daily texts for up to 3 keywords has been put in place in order to reduce overage charges and ensure your phone does not constantly buzz every time that someone tweets a popular keyword you’re tracking. Although the tool is free to use, standard messaging rates will apply if you do not have an unlimited texting plan.

The SMS alerts that are sent to your phone include a link to a Web page with the 20 most recent tweets that mention the keyword you’re tracking, to help you keep up to date with the conversation that’s taking place around a keyword.

While this tool might not have too much value for popular keywords and trending topics given its limitations (for instance, you’d probably find it very difficult to keep up with all of the conversation that’s taking place around the Occupy protests, whether or not you’re using this tool), it might be a valuable, easy way for people such as small business owners to find out when people are talking about their company on Twitter so they can respond quickly to any issues while they are on the go.

The fact that the tool uses SMS alerts is interesting, as it allows anyone with a mobile phone to utilize the service. This means that you don’t necessarily need a smartphone to keep up to date with the conversation around a certain keyword on Twitter. Indeed, SMS is still a popular method for tweeting — one of the first versions of the Twitter website placed an emphasis on tweeting via SMS, while the company rolled out an update last month that lets you post photos by text message.

With that in mind, the Social Listening Tool seems to be an simple, no-frills service that will keep anyone in the loop about what’s being discussed around a certain keyword. You can check out the tool now.

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    SMS Marketing and Text messaging service is getting hotter.Stay tune..-SAM

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