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Kris Holt is a Montrealer by way of a small city in Scotland. He has a master’s degree in English and is a former newspaper sub-editor, video games reviewer and sports writer. Aside from being a tech and social media advocate, Kris is a movie nerd, television fiend and likes to think of himself as creative. He would also like you to know he is far less mean then he looks in his photo.

Google+ Updates Android App, Adds New Design And Other Features

google plus featured In the wake of the release of the latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has rolled out an updated version of its Google+ app for the platform. The latest version features a new user interface and the ability to add people to a circle from circle profiles. The app also features improvements that will prolong your battery life while using the... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Websites Struggling To Block Social Spam

Flickr For almost as long as Facebook and other social networking services have been around, spam has been a problem for them. There are more than a few reasons why spammers prefer to target Facebook users than email accounts, as one piece of spam sent through social networking services is 250 times as impactful as a piece of spam that's sent via email. That's just one... Read more »

Presidential Candidates Twitter Stats Revealed, President Obama Most Likely To Be Retweeted

white house featured We all know that social networking services will play an important part in the 2012 presidential election campaign. Indeed, if candidates have a Facebook or Twitter account, it may lead to an increased number of votes during the campaign. But how exactly are the candidates using Twitter to mobilize citizens into voting for them? The Associated Press took a look at... Read more »

Facebook Now Lets You Add Past Dates To Timeline Posts

Flickr Facebook has quietly rolled out a feature on Timeline that lets you add a timestamp with a past date to your status updates and photos. This will help you fill in the blanks on your Timeline as you add statuses about events you may have attended in the past. When you click the option to update your status or add a photo in Timeline, a clock icon now appears in the... Read more »

STUDY: 38% Of Teens Not Happy With Facebook Changes, Many Plan Switch To Google+

Flickr Facebook has rolled out several major updates lately, including the Subscribe button, a new-look News Feed, the ticker and the ability for apps to passively share your activity through the latest version of Open Graph. However, many teens, who use the social network more than any other demographic at 90 minutes per day, are getting upset with the changes, with a... Read more »

Twitter App Lets You Track Keywords By SMS

Gnosis Arts Media Group has launched a service that will let you receive notifications via SMS when certain keywords are mentioned on Twitter. The Social Listening Tool lets you receive up to 3 message alerts per day to let you know when someone uses a keyword you want to track in a tweet. You are limited to using 3 keywords while beta testing takes place and the... Read more »

REPORT: YouTube Lands Celebrities For Featured Channels

YouTube Since April, we've been hearing rumors that YouTube is set to launch a series of featured content channels. We reported earlier this month that the video-sharing service is paying more than $100 million for original professional content and now the names of several celebrities who are involved in the project appear to have emerged. Around 100 channels will be... Read more »

Facebook-owned Group Messaging App Beluga To Close Next Month

beluga-featured Beluga, the group messaging app that Facebook acquired earlier this year, will cease operations next month. From Nov. 11, you'll no longer be able to send messages through Beluga. While Beluga's key functionality will end on Nov. 11, you'll still be able to access your old messages through the Beluga app and website. If you choose, you can download an archive of... Read more »

SocialCam Sees Big Increase In Usage After Adding Filters, 350K Downloads In 2 Weeks

socialcam-filter-featured Adding filters to photos has become incredibly popular among smartphone owners. Take a look at Instagram for instance: the photo-sharing app snagged 10 million users less than a year after launching despite only being available on one platform -- iOS. Now, SocialCam has shown that video filters are taking off like wildfire after the company revealed that usage of... Read more »

Robber Arrested After Checking Facebook During Break-in, Then Going Back To Steal Computer

Flickr We've reported on many, many instances where people have been arrested after bragging about their crimes on social networking services. Back in March, a couple was charged with a series of crimes after posting a photo of a stolen ring on Facebook, while earlier this month, two men were arrested after one of them shared a photo of himself with a stolen car on the... Read more »
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