Facebook Unveils New Security Measures, Details Security Features In Infographic

vault people Facebook has announced several new security features that aim to keep you and your Facebook account safe. The social network is testing the Trusted Friends and App Passwords tools, while it has published an infographic which details some of the many security features that you can take advantage of on Facebook. The Trusted Friends tool will help you out if you ever... Read more »

Facebook Partners With Websense To Cut Down On Malicious Links

websense Facebook is riddled with links to malicious websites. Often times scams trick users into sharing content with their friends which helps links spread faster through the social network. To cut down on links that lead to malware and malicious sites Facebook has teamed up with Websense, a company that offers Web, email and data security. Starting on Monday, you will... Read more »

Facebook Remedies Tracking Issue, Cookie Is Now Destroyed After Logging Out

facebook logo featured On Monday, we reported on some privacy concerns that involved Facebook tracking your Web browsing activity even if you were logged out of the social network. According to hacker Nik Cubrilovic, Facebook had a number of cookies in place that were only slightly altered when you logged out. This means that if you visited a website containing a Facebook widget or Like... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Hackers Have Targeted Twitter Over The Years

computer-user Earlier Monday, we reported that the USA Today Twitter account succumbed to an attack by Script Kiddies, a hacker group that was able to take control of the newspaper's account and post a series of tweets. However, this was far from an isolated incident. In July, FOX News was hit by hackers who posted tweets about the false assassination of President Barack Obama,... Read more »

Twitter Adds SSL Security Feature To Tweet And Follow Buttons

padlock Twitter has given developers and publishers a way to add the Tweet and Follow buttons to secure HTTPS pages on websites. The company has enabled SSL support for the buttons in its API. Websites which have secure pages will now be able to add Twitter's buttons to those pages, allowing users to share content and follow relevant Twitter accounts without having to... Read more »

Facebook Page Admin Issue Raises Questions Over Security

facebook computer logo When you create a Facebook page, the social network allows you to add other admins to help you manage it. However, there is an issue with this in that Facebook allows those other admins to remove your administrative privileges so that they can hijack the page and take control of it. This issue has been highlighted by Naked Security, which claims that this is a... Read more »

Twitter Switches On HTTPS By Default

twitter computer featured Twitter has started to switch users over to the more secure HTTPS protocol. Previously, you would either have to change a setting in your profile or manually type “” into your Web browser's address bar to activate HTTPS. The company sent out a tweet Tuesday in which it says that it is enabling HTTPS by default for a small number of users at... Read more »

Facebook Launches ‘Guide To Facebook Security,’ Helps You Secure Your Account

vault people Over the last few months, Facebook has launched several initiatives and features to help you keep your account and data secure. Back in May, the company revealed it was switching over to the secure HTTPS protocol and announced details of its login approvals feature. Facebook has also teamed up with Web of Trust to help protect you from scam websites and recently... Read more »

Facebook Doesn’t Post Your Phone’s Contact List, Why The Rumor Is False

facebook logo featured The latest in Facebook privacy controversy is a false rumor that's spreading like wildfire through News Feeds. The rumor alleges that Facebook has harvested all the contacts in your mobile phone -- everyone from your grandma to the pizza delivery place you frequent -- and has published them to Facebook. The rumor has caused quite a panic among users who now think... Read more »

Anonymous Conflicted Over November Facebook Attack, Not All Members Involved In #OpFacebook

anon plus featured Anonymous has commented on reports suggesting that it is planning to take down Facebook on Nov. 5. Earlier on Wednesday, we reported that the hacking group is planning to “kill” the world's largest social network, but it seems that only a few members are involved in the plot. In fact, some Anonymous members appear to doubt that such an attack is even in the... Read more »
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