Robber Arrested After Checking Facebook During Break-in, Then Going Back To Steal Computer

Flickr We've reported on many, many instances where people have been arrested after bragging about their crimes on social networking services. Back in March, a couple was charged with a series of crimes after posting a photo of a stolen ring on Facebook, while earlier this month, two men were arrested after one of them shared a photo of himself with a stolen car on the... Read more »

First Lady Michelle Obama Sends Her First Tweet

YouTube Following in the footsteps of her husband, First Lady Michelle Obama has posted her first tweet on Twitter. However, rather than using an account of her own, she sent her debut tweet using an official White House account. She sent a message of support for military families using the @JoiningForces account by encouraging the account's followers to visit the Joining... Read more »

Adam Levine Slams FOX News On Twitter, Followers Have Mixed Reactions

adam levine featured Adam Levine has again spoken his mind on Twitter. This time around, FOX News is the subject of the Maroon 5 singer's anger as he asked the cable news network not to use his band's music in the future -- in a rather blunt way. He tweeted, "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil f***ing channel ever again. Thank you." Back in August, Levine hit out at the... Read more »

Angry Mob Shows Up At Animal Abuser’s House After Cruel Video Hits Facebook

The Grimsby Telegraph Animal abuse is absolutely horrific – and luckily for this dog who was abused by his owner, the social media world agrees. A man has been arrested on animal abuse charges after a video of himself beating a dog with a pole was filmed and put on Facebook. The video was shot from a neighbor’s house and shows the man kicking a white Staffordshire bull terrier and... Read more »

Man Writes Fake Facebook Post About Kidnapping Ex-Girlfriend, Arrested On Drug Charges

The Chicago Tribune If you’re abusing drugs in your home, you probably wouldn’t want to create any reason for the police to pay you a visit, but alas, criminals are sometimes really, really dumb. Don’t they know that people will see what they post on Facebook? Instead of keeping a low profile, a 38-year-old drug user from Chicago posted something to his Facebook Wall that lead... Read more »

Teacher Under Investigation After Calling Students Inbred On Facebook

Flickr Whether or not teachers should have public Facebook accounts is a much debated subject and many teachers are forbidden to become friends with students, which makes a lot of sense in certain cases but not in others. For every teacher who uses the service to benefit and help their students, there are handfuls that abuse it. Recently, a governing body of a primary... Read more »

Boy Arrested After Friend Posts On Facebook Wall Looking For Drugs

Flickr Police monitor Facebook – that’s just something that every drug wielding, underage partygoer needs to know. Sadly, they don’t. Teens are constantly putting way, way too much information on the social networking site and are completely shocked when they actually get in trouble. Part of the reason many people hide Wall posts from the public is because you can... Read more »

Crime Analyst Who Posed As Chief Inspector Exposed After Facebook Photos Surface

Isle of Man Newspapers Facebook gives away a whole lot of criminals, but none more bizarre than this fake cop, who really should have known better. Paul Hodgson was employed under contract by the Manx police as a crime analyst when he posed as a chief inspector. He didn’t use his fake position for power or authority; instead he borrowed a marked car from the Ramsey police station,... Read more »

Victim Uses GPS Tracking And Facebook To Catch Laptop Thief

Flickr Modern technology makes it much easier to find people who are lost. We have GPS on our phones and use geo-tagging services on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We even check in to places using Foursquare. Needless to say, our digital footprint is probably much larger than we imagine, which is why it’s not completely surprising that this laptop thief from... Read more »

Facebook Friend Tricks Woman Out Of $20K

Flickr A New Jersey woman was allegedly tricked out of almost $20,000 by an old friend she reconnected with on Facebook. According to reports, the 38-year-old woman reconnected with a Florida man she’s known for 20 years on the social network. However, this man certainly didn’t act like a real friend. He asked her to wire him $19,933.24 as an investment in a... Read more »
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