INFOGRAPHIC: The Origins Of Skype’s Name And Other Milestones

skype Skype has come a long way since its meager beginnings. Like all companies, it was at one point just a tiny spark of an idea. So how did Skype get to be a video chatting communication powerhouse that was acquired by Microsoft? We reported last week on an infographic that detailed Skype's life in depth from buy-outs to financial losses, but this week we bring you a... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Life Of Skype From 2003-2011

skype Last week Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion, but just 9 years ago the company, which now is responsible for 13 percent of all international calls, was just an idea. This infographic from Focus shows the path to Skype's acquisition from the company's launch in 2003 to Microsoft's recent acquisition, and it even outlines the possibilities for Skype's... Read more »

Less Than Half PR Professionals Use Social Media To Reach Hispanic Market

typing A new survey has found that although most PR professionals consider social media as an effective means of reaching the Hispanic market, only half of PR professionals actually use social media to do so. Hispanic-focused company TeleNoticias and LatinoWire surveyed PR professionals along with the Hispanic Public Relations Association, Hispanicize and The... Read more »

Klout Announces Strong Client Base, Over 2K API Partners, 500M Calls Per Month

strong-growth Social influence measurement company Klout has reached a milestone, announcing that it has acquired over 2,000 partner-developers who utilize its API. This time last year they only had 300 developers using their API. The company reports that it now handles 500 million calls to its API per month, showing an improvement in call volume of over 1,000 percent over the... Read more »

Facebook, YouTube Best Social Networks For Speed And Availability

fast-speed With the first quarter of 2011 closing up, we're getting a first look at how social networks have been performing since the end of 2010. Facebook is at the head of the pack when it comes to website response time, a position it has held for the past 5 quarters, according to AlertSite. However, YouTube reigns supreme in terms of website availability. Facebook's... Read more »

Myspace Pitch Book Paints Abysmal Financial Picture

empty-pockets Before there was ever a Facebook there was a Myspace. Both have dominated the Web in their time but only one currently looks like a wounded lion on its last hunt. A peek inside News Corp.'s pitch book reveals that Myspace looks to lose an extreme amount of money before it can even hope to become profitable again, according to TechCrunch. The company expects to... Read more »

Virtue Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary With Record Quarter Earnings

champagne-cork Virtue started as a simple company in 2006, focusing on helping companies to develop video-centric social communities on the Internet. Today, the social media management company has made a business out of providing marketing software to big-name brands like McDonald's, Intel, Ford, Chanel, JCPenney, Disney, Best Buy and AT&T. Just in time for its 5-year... Read more »

Social Gaming Industry Expected To See $5B Revenue By 2015

business-money With the rising popularity of games like Zynga's FarmVille and CityVille, social gaming has become one of the leaders in the gaming field and is expected to increase 5 times through 2015 to a sizable $5 billion industry, according to research company Parks Associates. The company estimates that more than 250 million people play Zynga's games every month. With... Read more »

State Of The Twitter Union: Daily Tweets At 155M

computer-user Twitter released some impressive figures late on Wednesday which show double-digit percent increases in usage over the first quarter of 2011. The company also revealed that it is now seeing 155 million tweets a day - a dramatic rise from the 55 million tweets it was seeing daily a year ago and the 140 million figure we've had since the last update. It seems... Read more »

How Many LinkedIn Users Actually Use The Site?

linkedin LinkedIn announced earlier this month that the social network has reached 100 million users worldwide, and gaining 1 million new sign-ups a week. 44 million of those users are in U.S., but how active are those users? Let's see if we can break it down. According to reports, as of January 2011, LinkedIn only received .51 percent of all social networking site visits... Read more »
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