REPORT: YouTube Lands Celebrities For Featured Channels

YouTube Since April, we've been hearing rumors that YouTube is set to launch a series of featured content channels. We reported earlier this month that the video-sharing service is paying more than $100 million for original professional content and now the names of several celebrities who are involved in the project appear to have emerged. Around 100 channels will be... Read more »

Disney Surprise Backfires On Parents In YouTube Video

Flickr If you are a parent, you might at one point have decided to surprise your kids by taking them on the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. We recently brought you an adorable reaction video of a little girl whose mom made her dream come true by revealing the family was headed to Disneyland. Often, parents hide the real destination of an upcoming surprise trip from... Read more »

Man Quits Job With Some Help From His Friends In Cool YouTube Video

YouTube If you've ever thought about quitting a job you don't like while making a statement on your way out, you might like this YouTube video, in which a man named Joey quits his job in a dramatic way. In the video, he says he has been working at a hotel, the Providence Renaissance (which appears to be in Providence, R.I.), for 3 and a half years and that he had not been... Read more »

YouTube Expands NextUp Program, Seeks Chefs And Trainers To Participate

YouTube YouTube has revealed it is expanding its NextUp program. The video-sharing service is launching 2 new YouTube Next Creator Programs to help content creators boost their careers: YouTube Next Chef and YouTube Next Trainer. Each of the programs will have 16 participants, who will have the chance to take part in a three-month class held using Google+ Hangouts. The... Read more »

‘Sesame Street’ YouTube Account Hacked, X-rated Content Added To Channel

YouTube It seems that not even beloved children's TV series “Sesame Street” is safe from hackers. The show's YouTube account fell victim to a nasty attack, where X-rated content was uploaded to the channel. The show's channel was taken down by YouTube on Sunday afternoon, with visitors to the channel being greeted by a message that said it had been taken offline due... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Companies View Social Advertising

flotown It’s no secret that social advertising is a hugely popular way for companies to promote themselves. Social networks are constantly developing new and more effective and appealing ways of advertising on their services, like how Twitter moved ads into users' timelines and how Facebook launched a new ad program targeted at smaller businesses. It’s hard to say... Read more »

YouTube To Launch Merch Stores For Music Partners

YouTube featured YouTube is a pretty large venue for artists to share their music. In some cases, it’s lead to extreme fame – just look at Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. For a while, artists and the labels behind them have been searching for ways to cash in on YouTube success. Vevo, the YouTube-based service that shows commercials before regular video content, has managed to... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How College Students Use Social Networking

fb-university Social networking is extremely popular in colleges across the country. After all, Facebook started at one, right? Social networking has changed everything from the way students learn to how they meet new people and even date. While studies are mixed on the benefits of using social networks in an educational setting, we can all agree that students will not be stopping... Read more »

Google Lets You Link Google+ And YouTube Accounts, Rolls Out New Related Videos View On YouTube

Google has started to roll out the ability to connect your YouTube account with Google+ in order to discover videos that your friends are sharing on the social network on the YouTube home page. The feature was revealed in a Google+ post by Nirav Mehta, a product manager at Google. You can connect your YouTube account to Google+ from your settings page on the... Read more »

Apple Rejects Next Media Animation iPad App, Company Hits Back In YouTube Video

YouTube When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of the company in August, several tributes were paid to him and his leadership. At that time, Next Media Animation (NMA) released a video in which it highlights the life and career of Jobs in a tongue-in-cheek manner, depicting his departure from (and later return to) Apple and portraying him as Darth... Read more »
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