Gnip Adds Google+ To Suite Of Social Media Sources

Social media data provider Gnip has added Google+ to its suite of data sources. The integration was built using the Google+ search API to help you find relevant social data in real-time from Google+ using Gnip. You'll be able to find public Google+ posts and comments related to keywords and phrases that are relevant to your needs. Using Google+ data, Gnip claims... Read more »

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Joins LinkedIn And Foursquare

Flickr U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has increased his presence on social networking services by joining LinkedIn and Foursquare. Cameron will use his LinkedIn account to further engage with the U.K. citizens and businesses who are using the professional social network. Among the first people to be invited to connect with Cameron on LinkedIn are several professionals... Read more »

Empire Avenue Changes How Social Activity Influences Earnings

empire-avenue-featured Social stock market game Empire Avenue has completely changed how your social networking activity impacts your in-game earnings and dividends payouts. Empire Avenue has been receiving feedback from its players on how to improve the game, the user experience and to make the game fairer -- as a result of this feedback, it has decided to change how your social activity... Read more »

Flickr Updates Windows Phone App, Adds In-App Camera, Focus Assist And More

flickr-wp-featured Flickr has rolled out a brand new version of its Windows Phone app. The app takes advantage of the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango firmware and new features include a built-in camera, composure grid and focus assist. The app allows you to upload images in the background and switch between apps quickly, while the performance is faster. You'll now be able to take advantage... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Content We Share On Social Media Services Every Minute

Flickr Collectively, we're sharing a lot of data on social networking services. Not just on a daily basis, but on a minute-by-minute basis. If this infographic, created by Popcorn, is anything to go by, we're sharing more content in one minute than a person could reasonably digest in a day. The infographic states that the proliferation of smartphone usage has led to a... Read more »

Flickr Reaches 200 Million Creative Commons Photos

Flickr Flickr has announced that it now has more than 200 million Creative Commons (CC) licensed photos. In the process, the photo-sharing service has become the world's largest archive of CC licensed photos. CC licenses allow you to clearly define how other people may use your creative work without you having to give your explicit permission each time someone wants to... Read more »

Flickr Releases First Android App, Launches Cross-platform Photo Session Feature

flickr-droid-featured Photo-sharing service Flickr has finally delved into Android, with the launch of its first app on the platform. You'll be able to browse photos in real-time with your friends through the new cross-platform Photo Session feature, add filters to photos before you share them and make use of several other Flickr features from within the app. The Photo Session feature... Read more »

Klout Adds Google+ To Social Influence Scoring

klout featured Following the initial launch of the Google+ API last week, developers are already starting to take advantage of the data being made available to them by the social network. Case in point: Klout, a service that measures your social influence across a variety of services, has just added Google+ integration. It is not clear exactly how Klout will measure your... Read more »

Klout Opens Up Access To Topic Pages, Gives Social Influence Measurement Service Some More Context

klout scores featured Whenever you think about Klout, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the Klout Score. You know, the score you are assigned by the service based on how influential you are on various social networking services. However, Klout has realized that you are more than simply a number and with that in mind the company has opened up access to its Topic Pages feature,... Read more »

100 Million People Now Have Klout Scores

klout featured Klout has announced that 100 million people now have Klout Scores. This means that there are now 100 million people across the globe who are looking to measure how their influence extends across the social Web using Klout. Millions of users of social networking services are being added to Klout's index every few days. Klout measures your social influence across 10... Read more »
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