Facebook Could Be Fined $139K For Retaining Data Users Have Deleted

facebook Facebook may face a fine of €100,000 ($138,845 U.S.) after a student claimed that the social network has retained data he thought he had deleted from his profile. Austrian law student Max Schrems asked Facebook for a copy of the data the company holds on him in June after attending a lecture by a Facebook executive while on an exchange program in California. The... Read more »

Facebook Privacy Plaintiffs Attempt To Consolidate Tracking Cookie Lawsuits

Flickr Following concerns that were raised over Facebook's use of cookies to allegedly track users' Web browsing activity even after they had logged out, several lawsuits have been filed against Facebook in recent weeks over privacy matters. Now, a group of 7 plaintiffs have filed a motion with the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate 11... Read more »

Privacy Regulator To Probe Facebook Over Tracking Cookies, FTC Urged To Investigate

facebook-chains-featured Facebook is set to be investigated by the privacy regulator in Ireland related to concerns over how it handles European users' data. Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is facing calls to probe Facebook over recent privacy concerns. The social network has come under fire this week after it was claimed that it tracks your Web browsing activity even... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: What You Need To Know About Facebook, Google+ Privacy

Facebook-vs-Google-Plus-Privacy Facebook has long been slammed for its sometimes confusing and ever-changing privacy settings. However, many users are hopping aboard Google+ and have a whole new set of rules to learn. Some revere Google+ as the epitome of privacy and security, while other people believe that as long as you have your privacy settings in check, the information you’ve given Facebook... Read more »

Facebook Remedies Tracking Issue, Cookie Is Now Destroyed After Logging Out

facebook logo featured On Monday, we reported on some privacy concerns that involved Facebook tracking your Web browsing activity even if you were logged out of the social network. According to hacker Nik Cubrilovic, Facebook had a number of cookies in place that were only slightly altered when you logged out. This means that if you visited a website containing a Facebook widget or Like... Read more »

Facebook Can Track Your Web Browsing Activity Even After You Log Out

privacy featured Facebook has announced a wealth of new features and updates over the last few weeks, not least of which is the ticker, which an app can post to passively through the new Open Graph API functionality. There are some privacy concerns here, as you may find that Facebook automatically shares something you do not want other people to see. Some people have suggested... Read more »

Foursquare Lets You Make Your Home Venue More Secure, Adds Privacy Option

neighborhood featured When using Foursquare, it is important to protect your privacy. For obvious reasons, it's not exactly wise to share the location of your home when you check-in and then tell the world when you are away from your house by checking-in at another venue and sharing that information on other social networks. With that in mind, Foursquare has rolled out a new way for... Read more »

Facebook Agrees Voluntary Code Of Conduct With Germany Over Privacy Concerns

germany flag featured Facebook said Thursday that it will sign a voluntary code of conduct agreement with Germany to help protect user data in the country. This marks the first time that Facebook has agreed to such a measure in a country that is sensitive about privacy. According to, Facebook Director of European Public Policy Richard Allan met with Hans-Peter Friedrich,... Read more »

Flickr Introduces Cool Location-based Privacy Feature, ‘Geofences’

Flickr Flickr has launched an interesting new privacy feature that allows you to create geo privacy settings for photos that have been tagged with a location. The new feature, which is called “geofences,” allows you to create circles on a map to control who can view the location of photos that you've geotagged within that circle's real-world boundaries. This will... Read more »

Facebook Proposes Privacy Policy Changes, Wants Your Feedback

facebook logo featured In February, Facebook proposed a new format for its privacy policy. Following positive feedback from both users and privacy experts, the social network wants to make the new-look policy official, but before it does so it wants to give everyone the chance to have a say on the proposed updates. In an effort to make the policy a little easier to understand, Facebook... Read more »
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