Facebook Rolls Out New-look Friend Lists, Gives You More Control Over Content You Share

facebook Facebook has updated its Friend Lists feature to make it easier for you to selectively share content with certain people and see more posts from the people you care about most. Friend lists have been available on Facebook for several years now, but most of the social network's users have not bothered to sort friends into lists as the process can be time-consuming.... Read more »

Posterous Shifts Focus To Selective Sharing, Becomes Social Network With Launch Of ‘Posterous Spaces’

posterous spaces featured Posterous has undergone a massive overhaul, with a new focus on selective sharing of content, a revamped iPhone app and a new-look website which has several new features. The service announced the launch of Posterous Spaces Monday, which allows you to share content with your friends, families or colleagues privately or share content with everyone publicly. Spaces... Read more »

100 Million People Now Have Klout Scores

klout featured Klout has announced that 100 million people now have Klout Scores. This means that there are now 100 million people across the globe who are looking to measure how their influence extends across the social Web using Klout. Millions of users of social networking services are being added to Klout's index every few days. Klout measures your social influence across 10... Read more »

Google Gives Blogger A Makeover, Service Becomes Faster And Has New Look

blogger logo featured Google has just rolled out several changes to Blogger in order to make the blogging service faster and more efficient. The entire editing and management experience has been rewritten so that Google can make updates and improvements more easily in the future. The new interface, which was rolled out as a public beta in July, allows you to create or edit posts by... Read more »

Discover Facebook, Twitter Friends Who Use Posterous With Friend Finder Feature

posterous logo featured Posterous has made it a little easier to find out which of your Twitter followers and Facebook friends are using the blogging service. Friend Finder will let you find your friends and subscribe to their posts. You can opt to receive the full content of your friends' posts by email, or you can view all of your friends' posts by using Posterous' new Reader. By... Read more »

Socialcam Updates iPhone App, Easier Social Sharing Options

socialcam featured Video-sharing app Socialcam has rolled out an updated version of its iPhone app with a streamlined upload and social sharing process and more automatic sharing options. The first of the updates in Socialcam 1.1 is the ability to save videos that you have recorded with the app to your iPhone library. It seems a little strange that this was not an existing option,... Read more »

Google’s Blogger Offers Sneak Peak At Publishing, Content Discovery, UI Updates

blogger featured Since Google took it over in 2003, Blogger has grown to more than 400 million readers across the world and around half a billion blog posts, containing more than half a trillion words, have been published. In order to sustain growth and retain users who may be swayed by other blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Posterous and Wordpress, Blogger has announced a wealth... Read more »

Posterous App Update Creates Groups And Websites For Bloggers On The Go

posterous-feature On Tuesday, Posterous released version 2.0 of their app for the iPhone and Android enhancing its on-the-go functionality. Following their motto of simplicity, the blogging service now lets users create, browse and interact with Posterous Groups from their smartphones. Posterous also created dedicated websites for each group, which is great when members fall behind... Read more »

LiveJournal Offers Free Trial Of Paid Account Features

lj-trial-featured In the face of competition from the likes of Tumblr, Posterous and Wordpress, one of the older dogs in the blogging yard, LiveJournal, is aiming to boost its revenue stream by offering users a free, two-week trial of its paid service. Those on the basic plan will be able to test out all of the features of the Plus accounts for themselves and if they like what they... Read more »

Posterous Aims To Spread Love With New “Like” Feature

posterous logo featured Blogging on Posterous just became a lot more social with the launch of its new “like” feature. Likes have now replaced Favorites as a way to promote your friends' posts on their Posterous blogs. When a post you have made has been liked, it appears as a comment underneath the post in question. Though most users will see the change on their Posterous without... Read more »
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