2 Web Browser Extensions That Give You Greater Control Over New Facebook Design

facebook logo featured Given the raft of updates Facebook has rolled out over the last week or so -- from the Subscribe button to the new-look News Feed -- you'd be forgiven for thinking that many users are completely happy with the changes. In fact, some are furious. However, all is not lost. Not only can you remove the new ticker, but you can completely transform your Facebook experience... Read more »

Google+ Suspends, Reinstates Firefox Co-founder And Facebook Product Director Blake Ross

blake ross featured When it comes to creating a Google+ account, you had better make sure that the profile name you use is not a psuedonym, as you might end up with your entire Google account being deleted. While Google has issued a statement about its common name policy that cleared up a few isses, it still has a lot of work to do before it stops inadvertently kicking off legitimate... Read more »

GoogleMinus Lets You See Who Is Removing You From Google+ Circles

google plus featured Finding out who has added you to their circles on Google+ is easy. You get a notification every time that someone adds you. However, Google is a little more reluctant to let you know when you have been deleted from someone else's circle. A new browser extension has been launched that lets you know any time someone removes you from their circles. GoogleMinus is a... Read more »

YouTube Makes Videos Easier To View With Open File Format WebM

YouTube featured YouTube announced Tuesday that all videos uploaded to the site will now be saved in the WebM format to make it easier for you to watch videos no matter which Web browser or device you may be using. WebM is an open media file format for both video and audio on the Web. The open-source nature means that anyone can work on the format and help to improve it, which... Read more »

Social Web Browser Flock Is No More, Shuts Down Support

flock logo It has been confirmed that support for the social Web browser Flock will be discontinued as of Apr. 26. An announcement on the Flock website reads, “Support for Flock browsers will be discontinued as of April 26th, 2011. We would like to thank our loyal users around the world for their support.” The announcement goes on to state that Flock users should... Read more »

TweetDeck Takes On Seesmic Twitter Client With Cross-Broswer Web App

tweetdeck logo Following the launch of its Web-based app for Google Chrome, Twitter client TweetDeck has announced the launch of a new Web browser-based app -- a standalone website that requires no downloads and is not limited to any one Web browser. According to the list of the most popular apps in the Chrome Web Store, Chrome TweetDeck is the most popular app with 404,044... Read more »

Twitter Client Echofon For Firefox Gets Updated With Redesign, Photo Previews

echofon logo Twitter client Echofon for Firefox has been updated with a new design along with support for search, conversation views, photo previews and much more. Perhaps the biggest change is the new design of the extension. You will now be able to use Echofon as a sidebar integrated into your browser window or as a standalone window. There are several user interface... Read more »

Firefox 5 Looks To Include Social Sharing Features For Facebook, Twitter

firefox5 featured Details of the next big update to Mozilla's Firefox Web browser have started to emerge, and it appears that social sharing will play a big role. Planned for Firefox 5 is a feature that will allow users to share a website with friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from the address bar. Next to the favorite icon, there will be an icon in the shape of a paper... Read more »

Awesome App Lets Users Replace Facebook Profile Photo With Video Clip

facebook flip featured Yep, you read that right. Flip Video -- of user-friendly camcorder fame -- has released an application called Flip Your Profile, which allows you to replace your traditional Facebook profile photo with a video. That. Is. Awesome. You video can be just about anything you want it to be. A short personal greeting. A montage of your raddest skateboarding tricks. A... Read more »

Path Video Arrives on the Web

Path logo Personal network startup Path has announced that its Path Video service is now available to view on the Web. Path is designed to allow you to share the most important moments of your life with your closest friends and family and limits the number of contacts you can have to 50. However, some of your nearest and dearest may not have access to a smartphone and as... Read more »
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