WARNING: ‘Eat for Free at Pizza Hut!’ Scam Spreads Through Facebook

pizza-hut-scam Facebook scams offering free things are pretty common and spread throughout the social network like wildfire. Who doesn't want free stuff? It's a pretty safe bet that if something seems too good to be true, like free tickets to Twilight Breaking Dawn or free Subway gift cards, it's a scam. One of the most recent Facebook scams to hit our News Feeds claims to offer... Read more »

‘AWESOME Video Nicole’s Baby Kicking - The Belly View - Unbelievable’ Scam Spreads Across Facebook

scam-featured People are fascinated by babies – plain and simple. Perhaps that’s why this video scam of a baby kicking inside his mother’s pregnant belly is spreading like wildfire throughout Facebook. The video will show up in your News Feed as a post by a friend, and it certainly looks like it could be real. Common factors that lure people into video scams, like the... Read more »

REPORT: 15% Of Videos Posted On Facebook Are Actually Likejacking Attacks

facebook like Around 3 in 20 of the videos posted on Facebook have been identified as likejacking attacks, where scammers try to trick you into Liking a piece of content without your knowledge or consent. ZDNet reports that Internet security company Symantec analyzed a sample of 3.5 million Facebook posts with videos on August 2, where it was found that around 15 percent of unique... Read more »

WARNING: ‘Get A Free $100 Pizzahut Gift Card’ Scam Spreads On Facebook

pizza hut featured Over the past few months, several restaurant chains have taken to Facebook to reward loyal fans with free food. Some of the companies that have offered free food to their Facebook fans include P.F. Chang's, White Castle and Chili's. While those offers were all legitimate, there is a scam offer circulating on Facebook that claims to offer a $100 gift card for Pizza... Read more »

WARNING: ‘Get A Free Tickets to Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!’ Scam Targets Facebook Users

twilight breaking dawn featured It seems that scammers and “Twilight” are never too far away from each other as yet another scam related to the movie series is spreading on Facebook. Back in April, a scam app claimed to be a game based on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.” This time round, the scam claims to offer free tickets to see “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” If you see a message... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Phishing Attacks Hook Social Networking Users

hooked phishing featured Here at Scribbal, we try to keep you informed when a scam is spreading through social networking services. Most of these scams emerge on Facebook and often attempt to trick you into handing over your personal information in a phishing attack. This information could then be used against you and put you at risk for identity theft. ZoneAlarm has published a new... Read more »

WARNING: ‘Her Life is Over because of this crazy Video’ Scam Spreads Through Facebook

featured Scams offering unbelievable videos are nothing new. Just last week we reported on a scam that promised to offer a disgusting video of a spider under someone's skin and a scam that claimed to have a video of Casey Anthony confessing. These types of scams play on our curiosity -- we want to see something unbelievable, but most of the time these videos are just not... Read more »

WARNING: ‘Google+ - Get Invite’ Scam Spreads Like Wildfire On Facebook

google plus logo featured With Google+ becoming a huge hit -- it's apparently edging towards 20 million users just 2 weeks after launching -- many Internet users are still searching for an invitation so they can join the fun and become part of the Google+ limited field trial. A Facebook page which claims to be helping users of the social network to get a Google+ invite has sprung up -- but... Read more »

WARNING: ‘OMG! A Spider under the skin!’ Scam Spreads Across Facebook News Feeds

fbscam There are some things that you can't unsee and unfortunately, this Facebook scam is one of them for me. If the video behind the link actually existed, I really wouldn't be shocked if it held the world record for being the grossest video ever -- but Facebook users, stay calm, this video is entirely fabricated. The scam will pop up in your News Feed as a post by a... Read more »

WARNING: ‘Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer!’ Scam Spreads Rapidly Through Facebook

casey anthony screen A new topical Facebook scam is spreading quickly on the social network. This time, the scam claims to link to a video of Casey Anthony making a confession to her lawyer about murdering her daughter. Earlier this month, Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Many people following the trial were shocked at the verdict. If you... Read more »
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