Twitter Fight

2 Reporters Engage In Twitter Fight Over Michael Vick Injury, Gets Physical, Receives Animated Treatment

YouTube The latest in sports-related Twitter fights isn’t among athletes over-stepping their bounds, it’s between 2 Philadelphia sports reporters and it actually gets physical. The argument began when Jeff McLane tweeted about how Michael Vick was likely starting on Sunday after he was injured in last Sunday's loss to the New York Giants. He linked to an in-depth blog... Read more »

IndyCar Driver Helio Castroneves Fined $30,000 For Comments Posted To Twitter

Flickr Helio Castroneves, a 3-time Indianapolis 500 winner, has been fined $30,000 for a tweet directed at IndyCar race director Brian Barnhart. Castroneves used the microblogging service to complain about a penalty he received in the final lap during his race in Japan, reports USA Today. During the race, Castroneves was dropped to 22nd place after coming in... Read more »

L Word Star Booted From Flight For Kissing Girlfriend, Fires Back On Twitter And Gets YouTube Animated Treatment

Twitter L Word star Leisha Hailey caused quite an uproar on Twitter when the actress was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight after a flight attendant caught her kissing her girlfriend and believed it to be against Southwest Airlines’ family image. Of course, this lead to a heated argument that crossed over into Twitter territory. Leisha Hailey is an avid Twitter... Read more »

@MarkDavidson Fires Twitter Ghostwriter But Never Changed Password, Guess What Happens Next…

Sometimes your attempts at reaching fans through social media completely fail -- especially if you fired the person who handles your accounts but forgot to change the passwords. Mark Davidson, a social marketing and communications strategist, learned that angry ex-employees can completely ruin your credibility in one of the most hilarious Twitter tirades I’ve... Read more »

Man Arrested For Threatening Google’s Marissa Mayer On Twitter, Sent Over 20,000 Tweets

Twitter A man has been arrested for allegedly threatening Google executive Marissa Mayer on Twitter. Gregory Calvin King was arrested on August 19 by the FBI after he relocated to the San Antonio, Texas area from Virginia. The 27-year-old was indicted on felony charges in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco on Thursday for allegedly posting over 20,000 threatening... Read more »

Lady Gaga Fans Attack Adele On Twitter After MTV VMA Nominations Are Announced

lady gaga featured The MTV Video Music Awards nominations were announced on Thursday and sparked a war on Twitter between Lady Gaga and Adele fans. Adele, who was nominated in more categories than Gaga, impressed with her simplistic video for "Rolling in the Deep." The video featured the songstress sitting in a chair in an unfinished room while cups of water vibrated to the beat of... Read more »

Village Voice Article On Child Prostitution Sparks Twitter War With Ashton Kutcher

Twitter Ashton Kutcher and the Village Voice have started a full on war on Twitter -- and the subject is a touchy one. The actor/angel investor recently launched a campaign called "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" to raise awareness about child prostitution in the U.S. The campaign, which was part of his charity the DNA Foundation, featured somewhat humorous videos of male... Read more »

Roger Ebert’s Facebook Page Taken Down After Ryan Dunn Post, Bam Margera Rips Film Critic On Twitter

roger ebert featured Film critic Roger Ebert had his Facebook Page taken down by the social network following comments that he made about “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn, who died in a car crash along with a passenger after allegedly drinking with friends. Ebert said on Twitter that “Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive,” which led to a string of his followers saying that his... Read more »

Chris Brown, Members Of Odd Future Trade Insults On Twitter

Twitter It looks like Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, member of the group Odd Future, have been butting heads on Twitter. Don't you think the two celebs, who've managed to offend just about everyone with their controversial antics, should probably stick together? The fight allegedly started because Brown, in support of Ocean's mixtape, tweeted "I f**k wit Frank Ocean!... Read more »

Father Of Minnesota Timberwolves Forward Michael Beasley Rips LeBron James On Twitter, Insults Fans

michael beasley sr featured Michael Beasley Sr., the father of the Minnesota Timberwolves forward of the same name, has attacked Miami Heat star LeBron James on Twitter. Beasley posted his top 10 reasons why he believes James can't close out a game Friday, following the Heat's loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. James had a triple double in Thursday's game (17 points,... Read more »
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