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INFOGRAPHIC: The Current State Of Venture Capital Funding And Startups

graph The recession might have hit hard in many industries, but some will argue that the world of tech startups is stronger than ever. With the boom of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, many venture capitalists are placing their investments in up-and-coming social networks and tech companies. Following a dip in 2008 and 2009, investment activity... Read more »

SocialGO Secures Another $2.2M in Funding

socialgo Community building platform SocialGO announced they raised $2.2m in funding just before their impending launch of Version 2. "This funding will financially underpin the business and allow us to create a fantastic new platform as we move our businesses into it’s next phase," says Alex Halliday, CEO and co-founder. According to TechCrunch Europe, this is... Read more »

Venture Capital Firm Bets $80M on Twitter

andreessen horowitz featured Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has diversified its social media portfolio after splashing out to acquire over $80 million worth of Twitter stock. Since the stock purchase took place in private secondary markets, Twitter won't see a penny of the cash directly. Rather, early investors looking for an exit before any potential IPO or acquisition and some... Read more »

Socialware Receives $3M to Keep Social Networking Clean

Socialware When a middleware company like Socialware receives an additional $3 million in funding from existing venture capitalists, you know they're doing something right. Socialware helps businesses tied down by communication regulations to integrate social media into their business model while remaining compliant to any standards. The bulk of Socialware's clientele come... Read more »