LinkedIn Launches Japanese Support, Opens Tokyo Office

linkedin developer featured LinkedIn's international expansion has reached a new market as the professional social network is now available in Japanese, while it has opened its new office in Tokyo. This is the 4th country where LinkedIn has opened offices in the region. According to Arvind Rajan, managing director and vice president of Asia-Pacific and Japan at LinkedIn, Japan has one of the... Read more »

LinkedIn Launches New Classmates Feature To Help You Connect With Fellow Alumni

linkedin featured LinkedIn has launched a new feature that aims to help you keep in touch with your friends from college or university. The Classmates feature provides insights and networking for alumni of colleges and universities all over the world. The tool offers insights about fellow alumni from your school, whether or not they were in the same graduating class as you. It... Read more »

LinkedIn Reveals New Way For Recruiters To Manage Potential Job Candidates

LinkedIn has unveiled a new product called Talent Pipeline, which aims to help recruiters manage job candidates from a variety of sources and hire the best talent more quickly. With social networking services and social media becoming more prominent, there are more and more ways for recruiters to find sources of talent who may not be actively looking for a new... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: What AddThis Has Seen In 5 Years Of Social Sharing

addthis The content sharing platform AddThis is celebrating its fifth birthday. After 5 years the service reaches 1.2 billion users on 10 million domains and in 70 different languages. To celebrate their success, the service released an interesting infographic about sharing on the Web. In 1 day, AddThis sees 2.56 billion views on their shares. If each of those pageviews... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Interesting Stats About Facebook, Twitter And More

currentstatesocialmedia-800wide Social media is something that most of us use every day, but if you look at the networks we log in to, you’ll notice that most of us log in to one of the big 4 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. These social networks are some of the most popular, fastest growing and most culturally relevant networks on the Web and it is almost hard to think that less than... Read more »

LinkedIn Acquires Real-time Search Provider IndexTank

linkedin developer featured LinkedIn has acquired IndexTank, a company that provides search technology for other websites and Web services, it has been confirmed. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. IndexTank provides a range of custom search options for companies to integrate into their website without having to host the search software themselves. Features of the service... Read more »

LinkedIn Launches Company Status Updates

linkedin featured2 LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that allows companies to update their status and share content such as the latest news about their businesses, employee moves and job opportunities with their followers. If you are following specific companies, you will start seeing updates that are shared by those companies in your feed. This will help you keep up to date... Read more »

LinkedIn Acquires Contact Management Service Connected

linkedin featured LinkedIn has acquired contact management service Connected, it has been confirmed. As a result of the acquisition, Connected has made its service free to all users. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Connected launched in February with the aim of helping professionals build, maintain and leverage their professional networks. Users are managing... Read more »

Social Network Ad Revenue To Hit $5.54 Billion This Year, $10 Billion By 2013

money featured Many of the most popular social networks have amped up their advertising options in recent months. Twitter has created a new platform for political advertisements as well as expanded Promoted Tweets and Facebook has launched a campaign to target small businesses as the next wave of advertisers. It’s no surprise that advertising from social networks is supposed to... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Small Businesses Utilize Social Media

social-media-results Social media is a key tool to help small businesses generate revenue and connect with current and future customers. Raising brand awareness is important and social media provides a cost efficient – or free if you don’t outsource your campaigns – method of reaching new consumers. With Facebook launching an initiative to help educate small businesses on Facebook... Read more »
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