Gnip Adds Google+ To Suite Of Social Media Sources

Social media data provider Gnip has added Google+ to its suite of data sources. The integration was built using the Google+ search API to help you find relevant social data in real-time from Google+ using Gnip. You'll be able to find public Google+ posts and comments related to keywords and phrases that are relevant to your needs. Using Google+ data, Gnip claims... Read more »

Official Barack Obama Tumblr Blog Is Launched

obama featured President Barack Obama has added another social media service to his arsenal with the news that he is now on Tumblr. The official Tumblr blog for his 2012 re-election campaign appeared Monday and was announced in a tweet on the @BarackObama Twitter account. The account is the official home for the Obama 2012 campaign on the service and will be used to share... Read more »

GetGlue Launches New Features, Have Real-time Conversation Around A Topic

Flickr Social entertainment check-in service GetGlue has rolled out several new features on its website, including the ability to have conversations in real-time, the option to share your check-ins to Tumblr and widgets to display your check-ins and stickers. The real-time conversation feature will allow you to discuss a topic with your friends so you can talk about what... Read more »

STUDY: The Popularity Of Social Networks Throughout The World

Flickr If there's one thing that social networking services can do, it's embarrass politicians. If there's another, its that they can bring together people from all over the world and allow them to communicate with each other in a way that was not possible in previous generations. Some networks are more popular than others in certain countries and Royal Pingdom has... Read more »

Tumblr Is Now Available In Russian

tumblr office featured Tumblr is now a little easier to use for people in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and several other countries as the microblogging service has added Russian language support. This is the 8th language that Tumblr supports, following the addition of support for Italian in February and Spanish in August. The others are English, German, French, Japanese and... Read more »

Klout Updates How It Measures Your Social Influence

klout scores featured Social influence measuring service Klout has unveiled a big update to Klout Scores. Over the last 3 months, the service has been working on ways to make its social influence scoring more accurate and this is the biggest change to the Klout Score since the service launched 3 years ago. The stability and accuracy of the scores have been improved with this update, as... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Content We Share On Social Media Services Every Minute

Flickr Collectively, we're sharing a lot of data on social networking services. Not just on a daily basis, but on a minute-by-minute basis. If this infographic, created by Popcorn, is anything to go by, we're sharing more content in one minute than a person could reasonably digest in a day. The infographic states that the proliferation of smartphone usage has led to a... Read more »

SocialCam Updates iPhone App, Adds Video Filters

socialcam-filter-featured Video-sharing service SocialCam has rolled out version 3.0 of its iPhone app. The big news here is that SocialCam has added filters, which will help you give your videos some extra visual flourish. There are 8 filters which are available for you to choose from: vintage filters 1970s, Bohemian, Noir, Sepia and Rouge, along with experimental filters Electronica,... Read more »

Flickr Releases First Android App, Launches Cross-platform Photo Session Feature

flickr-droid-featured Photo-sharing service Flickr has finally delved into Android, with the launch of its first app on the platform. You'll be able to browse photos in real-time with your friends through the new cross-platform Photo Session feature, add filters to photos before you share them and make use of several other Flickr features from within the app. The Photo Session feature... Read more »

Tumblr Raises $85 Million In Latest Funding Round

tumblr featured Tumblr has closed an $85 million funding round. The round was led by Greylock Partners and Insight Venture Partners, with participation from the Chernin Group, Richard Branson, Spark Capital, Union Square Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Prior to this round being closed, Tumblr had raised a total of $40 million. According to The New York Times, Tumblr founder David... Read more »
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