INFOGRAPHIC: How Hackers Have Targeted Twitter Over The Years

Earlier Monday, we reported that the USA Today Twitter account succumbed to an attack by Script Kiddies, a hacker group that was able to take control of the newspaper’s account and post a series of tweets. However, this was far from an isolated incident. In July, FOX News was hit by hackers who posted tweets about the false assassination of President Barack Obama, while a FOX affiliate was targeted by LulzSec in May.

A new infographic published by Veracode takes a look at some of these hacks and several others that have taken place on prominent Twitter accounts over the last few years. The infographic reveals that there are hundreds of passwords that Twitter has banned for being too easy to guess. It reveals which of the top 10 Twitter accounts have and have not been hacked — Lady Gaga, Obama and Ashton Kutcher have all fallen victim to hackers, but Shakira and Taylor Swift have not.

It also discusses the SSL security measures Twitter started rolling out earlier this year to help users protect their accounts when using public Internet connections and mentions a worrying Twitter attack from January 2009, where 33 accounts were compromised.

Click the infographic to enlarge it.

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