REPORT: Zynga Planning Mid-November IPO

Flickr Zynga is said to be planning to hold its long-awaited IPO in mid-November. The social gaming company may begin to trade on the stock market the week before the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 24. This falls in line with a previous report which suggested that the IPO will take place next month. Reuters cites two sources as saying that Zynga's plans may change... Read more »

Official Barack Obama Tumblr Blog Is Launched

obama featured President Barack Obama has added another social media service to his arsenal with the news that he is now on Tumblr. The official Tumblr blog for his 2012 re-election campaign appeared Monday and was announced in a tweet on the @BarackObama Twitter account. The account is the official home for the Obama 2012 campaign on the service and will be used to share... Read more »

REPORT: Google To Launch Music Store With Google+ Integration

google office featured Google is said to be preparing the rollout of a music download store that will have tight integration with its major social networking service, Google+. The store may be launched within the next 2 weeks. Google Music, which The Wall Street Journal reports the store is tentatively called, is likely to allow you to recommend songs from its online library with your... Read more »

Moviepilot Offers Movie Recommendations Based On Your Facebook Likes

Columbia Pictures Moviepilot, a recommendation and discovery service for upcoming movies and TV shows, has been launched with the aim of helping you find the upcoming releases that best match your tastes. The service allows you to connect your Facebook account to receive personalized recommendations. Moviepilot has more than 4 million fans on Facebook and plays host to one of the... Read more »

STUDY: Facebook And Twitter Help Politicians Gain More Votes

Flickr In the lead up to an election, politicians often go to drastic measures in order to obtain votes. They might participate in whirlwind tours of crucial regions, take part in a number of debates and even run ads attacking other candidates. However, it seems that simply having a Facebook or Twitter account could increase their chances of being elected into office. A... Read more »

Google CEO Larry Page Becomes Most Circled Google+ User

larry page Google CEO Larry Page is now the most-circled Google+ user, having usurped Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the top of the rankings. Page has been circled by 602,373 people at the time of this writing, compared to Zuckerberg's 599,124. Page posts on Google+ fairly regularly, but Zuckerberg has not yet shared any public content on the social network,... Read more »

Turkey Earthquake Help Tweet Gets 17,000 Responses

YouTube A plea for help that was issued on Twitter following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey has led to more than 17,000 responses, including offers of accomodation for those who have been left homeless by the disaster. Erhan Çelik, who is a journalist for Turkey's Kanal 7 TV station, asked his more than 22,000 Twitter followers if they were willing to offer those... Read more »

GetGlue Launches New Features, Have Real-time Conversation Around A Topic

Flickr Social entertainment check-in service GetGlue has rolled out several new features on its website, including the ability to have conversations in real-time, the option to share your check-ins to Tumblr and widgets to display your check-ins and stickers. The real-time conversation feature will allow you to discuss a topic with your friends so you can talk about what... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Twitter By The Numbers, 230M Tweets Sent Every Day

twitter sign featured In a little over 5 years, Twitter has grown to become a global phenomenon. It is now being actively used by more than 100 million people, with hundreds of thousands of people creating Twitter accounts every day. A new infographic published by Live Science takes a look at the numbers behind Twitter. Among the stats that are featured on the infographic is the... Read more »

First Lady Michelle Obama Sends Her First Tweet

YouTube Following in the footsteps of her husband, First Lady Michelle Obama has posted her first tweet on Twitter. However, rather than using an account of her own, she sent her debut tweet using an official White House account. She sent a message of support for military families using the @JoiningForces account by encouraging the account's followers to visit the Joining... Read more »

More Than 100K Different Twitter Hashtags Have Been Used To Discuss #Occupy Movement

Flickr Twitter has revealed that more than 100,000 different hashtags have been used to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protests and related Occupy protests that have taken place all over the world. In a series of tweets posted to the @twittercomms account, Twitter has revealed that the top hashtags related to the Occupy movement are #occupywallstreet, #ows,... Read more »

STUDY: The Popularity Of Social Networks Throughout The World

Flickr If there's one thing that social networking services can do, it's embarrass politicians. If there's another, its that they can bring together people from all over the world and allow them to communicate with each other in a way that was not possible in previous generations. Some networks are more popular than others in certain countries and Royal Pingdom has... Read more »

Tumblr Is Now Available In Russian

tumblr office featured Tumblr is now a little easier to use for people in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and several other countries as the microblogging service has added Russian language support. This is the 8th language that Tumblr supports, following the addition of support for Italian in February and Spanish in August. The others are English, German, French, Japanese and... Read more »

Google+ Hires Former Yahoo Privacy Chief

google plus featured A former Chief Trust Officer at Yahoo, Anne Toth, will soon start work in a new role with Google+. Toth has just left her role at Yahoo, according to AllThingsD. It is not yet clear what she will be doing in her new job at Google. "Come Monday I'll get to spin my own propeller. Excited to be joining Google and the Google+ team next week," Toth said in a post on... Read more »

Disney Surprise Backfires On Parents In YouTube Video

Flickr If you are a parent, you might at one point have decided to surprise your kids by taking them on the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. We recently brought you an adorable reaction video of a little girl whose mom made her dream come true by revealing the family was headed to Disneyland. Often, parents hide the real destination of an upcoming surprise trip from... Read more »
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