Win A $2,500 Shopping Spree In Men’s Warehouse Facebook Contest

well-dressedman Are you a well-dressed man looking to show off your coolest duds? Do you know someone who is? Men’s Wearhouse, the men’s clothing retailers, want to know. According to a survey by Kelton Research, 91 percent of Americans think that dressing well can make someone appear more attractive than they really are. This seems like a no-brainer, but in an age where... Read more »

Spotify Launches BlackBerry App

spotify featured Social music streaming service Spotify has made its debut on BlackBerry with the preview release of its app for the platform. The company's 6th mobile app is full of all the Spotify features that you'd probably expect to have access to from a mobile device. You'll have access to Spotify's full catalog of millions of songs from your BlackBerry, along with offline... Read more »

Everloop Partners With The Peacemaker Corps Association To Promote Civility

everloop Everloop, the social network for kids, has announced a new partnership with The Peacemaker Corps Association, which helps teach kids how to band together to promote peace, compassion, safety and tolerance. As part of the partnership, Everloop will feature the Corps’ theme song “Peace in the Streets” and will customize a loop that focuses on the Corps’... Read more »

Klout Updates How It Measures Your Social Influence

klout scores featured Social influence measuring service Klout has unveiled a big update to Klout Scores. Over the last 3 months, the service has been working on ways to make its social influence scoring more accurate and this is the biggest change to the Klout Score since the service launched 3 years ago. The stability and accuracy of the scores have been improved with this update, as... Read more »

Path Now Available In 10 Different Languages

path featured Personal network Path has rolled out a new version of their iPhone app that makes the service available in 10 different languages. Supported languages include English, simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. In addition to the new languages, the service has added a new way for you to save photos. The new... Read more »

STUDY: 79.2% Of Moms Use Social Networks

watching-computer You might be hesitant to friend your mom on Facebook. The mere concept of friending a parent has lead me into a 3 day argument with my mother, but that argument might be more common than we think. Now more than ever, moms are adopting Facebook as their go-to social network. According to a study by eMarketer an estimated 23 million moms in the U.S. with children... Read more »

RockMelt Updates Web Browser To Make Social Sharing Easier

rockmelt featured Social Web browser RockMelt has been updated to make it easier for you to share content with multiple social networks and friends at the same time. Other new features include thinner Edges and an easier way to add apps. The updated share button now allows you to carry out several functions at the same time. For instance, you can share content with several... Read more »

Foursquare’s New ‘Radar’ Feature Could Lead To Death Of The Check-in

Flickr Last week, Foursquare added a fascinating new feature called Radar to its iPhone app. Rather than having to check-in to see what's happening at a venue, Radar uses the technology introduced in iOS 5 to provide you with notifications when you are close to a location that might be of interest to you. If you're situated close to a place on your To-Do list, not too... Read more »

LinkedIn Reveals New Way For Recruiters To Manage Potential Job Candidates

LinkedIn has unveiled a new product called Talent Pipeline, which aims to help recruiters manage job candidates from a variety of sources and hire the best talent more quickly. With social networking services and social media becoming more prominent, there are more and more ways for recruiters to find sources of talent who may not be actively looking for a new... Read more »

UberMedia Launches Social Interest Network Chime.in

chimein-featured We'd been hearing rumors for months that UberMedia -- a developer of social media management clients – was working on its own social network to rival the likes of Twitter and Facebook. As it turns out, there has been no smoke without fire as the company has announced the launch of Chime.in, a social interest network that aims to help you connect with friends and... Read more »

WARNING: ‘Eat for Free at Pizza Hut!’ Scam Spreads Through Facebook

pizza-hut-scam Facebook scams offering free things are pretty common and spread throughout the social network like wildfire. Who doesn't want free stuff? It's a pretty safe bet that if something seems too good to be true, like free tickets to Twilight Breaking Dawn or free Subway gift cards, it's a scam. One of the most recent Facebook scams to hit our News Feeds claims to offer... Read more »

Man Writes Fake Facebook Post About Kidnapping Ex-Girlfriend, Arrested On Drug Charges

The Chicago Tribune If you’re abusing drugs in your home, you probably wouldn’t want to create any reason for the police to pay you a visit, but alas, criminals are sometimes really, really dumb. Don’t they know that people will see what they post on Facebook? Instead of keeping a low profile, a 38-year-old drug user from Chicago posted something to his Facebook Wall that lead... Read more »

SURVEY: Frequent Facebook Users Less Concerned About Privacy, Dislike New Features

Flickr Facebook always seems to be under fire for changes in their privacy policy and new security options; however, according to a new study people who frequently use the social network aren’t actually that concerned. The survey with was carried out by USA TODAY polled 2,000 adults by telephone and found that only 26 percent of respondents who used Facebook daily said... Read more »

STUDY: Marketers Planning To Invest More In Social Media

Flickr Setting aside a proportion of advertising dollars to promote products and brands on social media services is becoming increasingly common among marketers. Indeed, companies are increasing their social media efforts by investing resources and money in specific areas of social media to increase the visibility of their brands and products. A new study published by... Read more »

YouTube Expands NextUp Program, Seeks Chefs And Trainers To Participate

YouTube YouTube has revealed it is expanding its NextUp program. The video-sharing service is launching 2 new YouTube Next Creator Programs to help content creators boost their careers: YouTube Next Chef and YouTube Next Trainer. Each of the programs will have 16 participants, who will have the chance to take part in a three-month class held using Google+ Hangouts. The... Read more »
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