Formspring Makes Questions Asked To All Your Followers Available To The Public

formspring_featured Formspring has recently made efforts to encourage more question asking and answering. In early October the company rolled out 2 new ways for users to ask questions and in September the company launched an iPhone app and added photo features that let pictures be included in questions and answers. Now Formspring has added a new feature that will help users get their... Read more »

Facebook Privacy Plaintiffs Attempt To Consolidate Tracking Cookie Lawsuits

Flickr Following concerns that were raised over Facebook's use of cookies to allegedly track users' Web browsing activity even after they had logged out, several lawsuits have been filed against Facebook in recent weeks over privacy matters. Now, a group of 7 plaintiffs have filed a motion with the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate 11... Read more »

50 Cent Donates Meals To Hungry Kids For Facebook Likes

50 cent featured In honor of United Nations World Food Day, 50 Cent has launched an initiative that will see him donate a meal to a hungry child for every person that Likes the Facebook Page for his new Street King energy shots. For every Like that the page receives from Monday to next Sunday, 50 Cent will provide one meal for a child in need. If the number of Likes on the page... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Perks On Offer At Facebook, Google, Twitter And Other Social Companies

perks-ig-featured A couple of weeks ago, we brought you an infographic that offered some handy tips on what to do if you want to apply for a job at a tech giant like Facebook, Apple or Google. It revealed the salaries for some top tech jobs and where some of the biggest tech hotspots in the U.S. are, along with tips on what subjects to study and what to include on your... Read more »

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Joins LinkedIn And Foursquare

Flickr U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has increased his presence on social networking services by joining LinkedIn and Foursquare. Cameron will use his LinkedIn account to further engage with the U.K. citizens and businesses who are using the professional social network. Among the first people to be invited to connect with Cameron on LinkedIn are several professionals... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebooks Mishaps, Controversy And Failed Endeavors

facebook-failures Facebook has caused a lot of controversy in its time. Most recently, the homepage redesign and added news ticker annoyed users and the new Timeline profile had everyone a little bit creeped out over how much information Facebook actually had. It’s unsurprising that most of Facebook’s issues stem from privacy and changes in the user interface because that directly... Read more »

Facebook, NRDC And Opower Team Up For Social Energy App

Flickr Facebook, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Opower have teamed up to unveil a social energy app that aims to raise awareness of energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. The app, which will be launched early next year, will allow you to measure your home's energy consumption against a national average of similar homes; compare your energy... Read more »

Officers Use Facebook To Find Missing Police Dog

11 Alive Facebook’s viral power isn’t to be underestimated. Once something is posted it can spread to thousands and even millions of people. This is why it’s such a good tool to use when you’re trying to find something or someone that is missing. In the past, the service has been used to find missing people and one police force even uses it to find half of missing... Read more »

‘Sesame Street’ YouTube Account Hacked, X-rated Content Added To Channel

YouTube It seems that not even beloved children's TV series “Sesame Street” is safe from hackers. The show's YouTube account fell victim to a nasty attack, where X-rated content was uploaded to the channel. The show's channel was taken down by YouTube on Sunday afternoon, with visitors to the channel being greeted by a message that said it had been taken offline due... Read more »

Social Learning Company Grockit Closes $7M Funding Round

grockit-featured Social learning company Grockit has closed its $7 million Series D funding round. The round was led by Atlas Venture, a previous investor in the company. Returning investors Benchmark Capital and Integral Capital Partners took part in the round as did new investors NewSchools Venture Fund and GSV Capital. This brings Grockit's total funding to $24 million. Grockit... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Companies View Social Advertising

flotown It’s no secret that social advertising is a hugely popular way for companies to promote themselves. Social networks are constantly developing new and more effective and appealing ways of advertising on their services, like how Twitter moved ads into users' timelines and how Facebook launched a new ad program targeted at smaller businesses. It’s hard to say... Read more »

YouTube To Launch Merch Stores For Music Partners

YouTube featured YouTube is a pretty large venue for artists to share their music. In some cases, it’s lead to extreme fame – just look at Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. For a while, artists and the labels behind them have been searching for ways to cash in on YouTube success. Vevo, the YouTube-based service that shows commercials before regular video content, has managed to... Read more »

Google Kills Off Buzz To Focus On Google+

buzz logo Google has hammered the final nail in the coffin of its previous major social project, Google Buzz. The company is closing Buzz to focus its social efforts on Google+. Bradley Horowitz, the search giant's vice president of product, said in a blog post that Buzz and the Buzz API will be shut down in the next few weeks. While you will not be able to add new posts... Read more »

Foursquare Updates BlackBerry App, Adds Notification Tray And More

Flickr Foursquare has rolled out an update to its BlackBerry app. The app now includes the notification tray, better settings and account management and more. The notification tray is a feature that has been available on the Android and iPhone apps for several months. The feature keeps you up to date with all of your friends' activity on the location-based service. It... Read more »

Spotify And Boxee Let You Access Streaming Music Service From Your TV

Flickr Spotify and Boxee have teamed up to let you access the social music streaming service though your TV using the media center. The Boxee Box allows you to watch many of your favorite movies and shows that are online through your TV. The Spotify integration will now allow you to listen to your favorite music through Boxee too. There is a caveat here, in that you'll... Read more »
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