Seesmic Desktop Adds InboxQ Plugin

Seesmic continues its quest to brand itself as a social media management tool for businesses. InboxQ, a service that mines Twitter for sales leads, is teaming up with Seesmic to bring you an integrated InboxQ customer acquisition tool into Seesmic’s Twitter monitoring app.

InboxQ gives its users a real-time stream of questions from tweeters that concern the user’s specific business, product or interest by searching specific terms and keywords that relate to a user’s business. This allows for the user to quickly make contact with a tweeting consumer, answer their question and begin building a virtual relationship with the potential customer. The service allows businesses a more comprehensive look at who’s saying what about a product or business as a means of acquiring new customers, not just measuring retweets.

Now, Seesmic users can easily access InboxQ from Seesmic Desktop, which would add a social lead generation element to Seesmic Desktop. Seesmic users will also be able to create campaigns on InboxQ based on relevant keywords, view past answers and add questions to a To Do list on the fly.

The partnership definitely makes sense as Seesmic has been trying to set itself apart from Hootsuite and TweetDeck as a social media management tool for businesses. Seesmic Desktop recently added Yammer, a service for secure communication amongst employees, to it arsenal.

The InboxQ plugin for Seesmic is available for download.

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