Amazing One Woman Band Most Shared YouTube Video In Taiwan, San Francisco

YouTube is a huge field of undiscovered talent. Not only does it let users show their form of art, but it could spread their message across continents. This is the case for Shara Lin, a musician (and possibly actor or model according to pictures on her Facebook Page which has over 19,000 fans) from Taiwan.

Lin’s performance was Thursday’s most shared and most viewed YouTube video in Taiwan, and I can see why—she absolutely shreds! Lin plays three instruments during the performance, and It’s completely akin to the typical one man band of New York City’s street performers, except for one thing. Lin is legitimately an awesome player, playing multiple instruments at the same time and hitting the keys of the piano with an ease I’ve rarely scene even with well-trained pianists. Plus her violin’s tone is amazing! This video is clearly a gem.

The video which has over 1 million views at the time of this writing has spread from most viewed in Taiwan, to most shared in San Francisco, to my small home office in New Jersey. It’s interesting that in America our most viewed content is like Rebecca Black’s music video, a total train wreck, but in Taiwan the most shared content is a mark of unbelievable talent. It’s not everyday that a great performer like Lin surfaces on the Web, but YouTube certainly gives her the perfect platform to share her work.

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