LinkedIn Granted Amnesty in China After Brief Block

China’s “Great Firewall” looks like it is letting LinkedIn off the hook after being blocked on Thursday.

The professional networking platform was blocked in certain regions of China after Jasmine Revolution advocates formed a group on LinkedIn to discuss whether or not the pro-democracy protests that shook up regimes in Egypt and Tunisia should spark in China.

Seeing LinkedIn blocked in China is no surprise. Both Facebook and Twitter were blocked in 2009 for not complying with China’s censorship edicts. But, LinkedIn is in rare company as China rarely reinstates social media networks from outside countries.

Could this be the beginning of looser communication restrictions in China? While it is great to finally see some wiggle room on the Great Firewall, exactly why LinkedIn’s block was lifted is still unclear. Further, why it was blocked for less than 24 hours, while Twitter and Facebook remain inaccessible, is another mystery altogether. One thing is for sure though: LinkedIn is on thin ice in China.

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