China Set To Tighten Social Media Censorship

China is preparing to establish stricter rules for the use of social media and instant messaging services following a surge in microblogging popularity in the world's most populous country. An official response to the increase in microblogging usage was issued by the Communist party central committee after citizens started to discuss sensitive issues, attack... Read more »

LinkedIn Launches Japanese Support, Opens Tokyo Office

linkedin developer featured LinkedIn's international expansion has reached a new market as the professional social network is now available in Japanese, while it has opened its new office in Tokyo. This is the 4th country where LinkedIn has opened offices in the region. According to Arvind Rajan, managing director and vice president of Asia-Pacific and Japan at LinkedIn, Japan has one of the... Read more »

LinkedIn Expands In Asia Pacific Region, Sets Up Singapore Regional Headquarters

linkedin featured2 LinkedIn has set up its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore and plans to establish an office in Japan later this year as part of an effort to grow its regional presence. The Singapore HQ will act as the hub for regional expansion and will support LinkedIn's operations in Australia and India. The headquarters will be led by Arvind Rajan, the managing director of... Read more »

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tackles New Challenge, Only Eating Meat From Animals He Has Killed

If there's one thing we know about Mark Zuckerberg, it's this: he's a very rich dude who created Facebook, the world's biggest social network. If there's a second thing we know, it's that he is the type of person who is always looking to improve himself. To that end, he sets a personal challenge for himself every year. In 2010, it was to learn Chinese (perhaps in... Read more »

Chinese Social Network Renren Raises $743.4M In IPO, First Social Network To Hit Wall Street

In its first day on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), China's biggest social networking service, Renren, has raised $743.4 million in its initial public offering (IPO). The company sold 53.1 million American depository shares (ADSs) -- each of which represent 3 Class A ordinary shares -- at $14 each, after the shares were initially priced at $9 to $11. The value... Read more »

Renren, China’s Largest Social Network Files For IPO In US

Renren, the largest social network in China, has filed for an initial public offering in the U.S., according to Reuters. The Facebook-esque website looks to raise up to $573.1 million from stateside investors who would love to get their hands on ever-desirable Chinese tech stocks. About 52.1 million American Depository Shares are expected to be put on sale by... Read more »

REPORT: Facebook Could Be Moving Into China Through Deal With Baidu

facebook Facebook could soon be arriving in China, if rumors are to be believed. However, a report suggests that the world's largest social network will not directly be available in the country and a new service will be created especially for that market. A deal has apparently been signed with Baidu, China's largest search engine, to create a new social network in the... Read more »

Facebook’s “Real Name” Policy Not Well Liked

Facebook is taking some heat from a well-known Chinese writer and commentator for disabling his account due to the man's using a pseudonym on his account. Michael Anti said he lost his account, and hundreds of contacts from around the world, when Facebook disabled his account due to using his professional name instead of his real name on Facebook. You see, it's... Read more »

LinkedIn Granted Amnesty in China After Brief Block

linkedin-smoke-feature China's "Great Firewall" looks like it is letting LinkedIn off the hook after being blocked on Thursday. The professional networking platform was blocked in certain regions of China after Jasmine Revolution advocates formed a group on LinkedIn to discuss whether or not the pro-democracy protests that shook up regimes in Egypt and Tunisia should spark in... Read more »

LinkedIn Blocked In China

linkedin featured Professional networking service LinkedIn confirmed Thursday that its website had been blocked in parts of China and that it was investigating the matter. According to Business Week, it had been reported earlier Thursday by WebSitePulse and -- services which monitor access to websites from locations around the world -- that users in Shanghai and... Read more »
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