Facebook Adds Social Reporting, Password Reset Features To Mobile Website

Facebook has added a couple of new security features to its mobile website. The social network is bringing its social reporting tool to the platform, along with the ability to reset your password from your mobile devices.

The social reporting tool was rolled out across the main Facebook website in April. This tool allows you to report any content that you do not like, such as a post, profile or any other content. For instance, if you do not like a status update that someone posted about you (perhaps one that’s defamatory or insulting), you can ask them to remove it through the social reporting tool.

To date, around 70 percent of photos that have been reported through the social reporting tool have been removed by the person who uploaded them. Facebook started to test the social reporting tool on its mobile website this week. It will be rolling out the feature to its iPhone and Android apps along with other mobile devices over the coming months.

Facebook has also started to test the ability to reset your password from a mobile device. You can now choose the email address where you want to receive a link to help you recover the password to your Facebook account and the company is working on additional ways to confirm your identity. This feature is slowly being rolled out as Facebook gathers feedback from users.

The social network has been adding several new features to increase its security this year. It has teamed up with Web security company Web of Trust to inform you when you may be clicking on a link to a scam website. The company has also announced that it is expanding its HTTPS secure browsing option on its website and it launched an optional feature called Login Approvals that means you have to enter a code sent to your phone via SMS when you log in. Meanwhile, Facebook recently announced the launch of a bug bounty program that rewards security researchers for finding and reporting security holes to Facebook.

With more than 750 million active monthly users, Facebook has a lot of people to protect so it is encouraging to see that the company is taking its security seriously. These new features will go some way towards protecting both those users and their data.

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