INFOGRAPHIC: How Social Networking Services Help Build Trust, Social Bonds

A new infographic published by GOOD and our friends over at Column Five takes a look at how those who use social networking services are more likely to have more close friends than other Internet users or people who do not go online.

The infographic covers data from a recent Pew Internet study, which said that those who use social networking services had an average of 2.45 discussion partners, compared with 2.27 for other Internet users and 1.75 for non-Internet users. Users of social networking services were also more likely to be more trusting of others than non-Internet users. Around 45 percent say that most people can be trusted, compared with 41 percent of all adults and 27 percent of non-Internet users.

In addition, the study found that on average, Facebook users had met 90 percent of their Facebook friends in real life more than once, had met 3 percent of their friends once and had never met 7 percent.

You can check out more stats about social networking users in this infographic.

Click the image to enlarge.

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