Presidential Candidates Twitter Stats Revealed, President Obama Most Likely To Be Retweeted

white house featured We all know that social networking services will play an important part in the 2012 presidential election campaign. Indeed, if candidates have a Facebook or Twitter account, it may lead to an increased number of votes during the campaign. But how exactly are the candidates using Twitter to mobilize citizens into voting for them? The Associated Press took a look at... Read more »

National Economic Council Deputy Director To Hold Twitter Office Hours, Will Answer Questions From Users

white house featured Brian Deese, the deputy director of the National Economic Council, will answer questions from Twitter users during an Office Hours session on the social network Tuesday. On Monday, President Barack Obama began a new campaign to urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act in an effort to help unemployed Americans get back to work. From 4 p.m. EDT, Deese will be... Read more »

STUDY: Facebook And Twitter Help Politicians Gain More Votes

Flickr In the lead up to an election, politicians often go to drastic measures in order to obtain votes. They might participate in whirlwind tours of crucial regions, take part in a number of debates and even run ads attacking other candidates. However, it seems that simply having a Facebook or Twitter account could increase their chances of being elected into office. A... Read more »

UK Politicians Vote Against Ban On Tweeting From Parliament

house of commons featured Politicians in the U.K. will be allowed to continue tweeting during parliamentary debates after voting against a proposal to ban the use of Twitter in the House of Commons. Members of Parliament can use smartphones and tablets inside the chamber as long as the devices are set to silent mode and are used with “decorum," according to the BBC. Several politicians... Read more »

Twitter Users Slam Rep. Paul Broun For Skipping President Obama’s Jobs Speech

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., decided to skip President Barack Obama's jobs speech Thursday so he could instead watch the address from his office. While watching the speech, Broun live-tweeted his commentary on the address in what he called a "Twitter Town Hall" and invited his Twitter followers to offer their thoughts on what he had to say. I'll bet he wishes he hadn't... Read more »

Newt Gingrich Accused Of Having Mostly Fake Twitter Followers, 80% Considered Dummy Accounts

When it comes to trying to take an advantage over their rivals, politicians will often use all kinds of dirt to try and get the upper hand. Newt Gingrich might have supplied some golden ammunition for his competitors in the battle to become the Republican presidential nominee. It has been claimed that his campaign has paid several agencies to create fake Twitter... Read more »

President Barack Obama Twitter Debt Ceiling Campaign Ends In Disaster, Loses 33K+ Followers

Earlier Friday, we reported that President Barack Obama had hopped on to Twitter to tweet about the U.S. debt ceiling crisis and his social media team has been tweeting the handles of Republican lawmakers in all 50 states. The aim was to get Obama's followers to tweet the GOP representatives and encourage them to reach a compromise with the Democrats over the debt... Read more »

President Obama Rallies Twitter Followers Over Debt Ceiling, Urges Them To Tweet GOP Lawmakers

obama computer featured With crisis talks over the U.S. debt ceiling issue continuing, President Barack Obama took to Twitter Friday morning to ask his followers for their support in helping to reach a compromise between the Democrats and the Republicans. After he posted his tweet, the president's social media team took back control of the account and started to tweet the Twitter handles... Read more »

President Barack Obama To Start Tweeting Personally, Will Sign Tweets With ‘-BO’

obama featured When it comes to connecting with voters on social networks, politicians often use a social media team to manage their profiles. While this is certainly true for President Barack Obama (#Obama2012 staff are managing both his Twitter account and Facebook Page), he is starting to personally send out some tweets himself while on the 2012 election campaign trail. Any... Read more »

Dick Costolo Takes Twitter To D.C., Meets With Senetors To Discuss Election

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter took a trip to D.C. on Thursday to meet with 8 senators to discuss Twitter's future in the 2012 elections and new developments for the microblogging service. Those who were present included John McCain, Claire McCaskill, Joe Lieberman, John Cornyn, John Barrasso, Kelly Ayotte, Ron Wyden and Kay Hagan. The meeting touched point on... Read more »
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