President Barack Obama Twitter Debt Ceiling Campaign Ends In Disaster, Loses 33K+ Followers

Earlier Friday, we reported that President Barack Obama had hopped on to Twitter to tweet about the U.S. debt ceiling crisis and his social media team has been tweeting the handles of Republican lawmakers in all 50 states. The aim was to get Obama’s followers to tweet the GOP representatives and encourage them to reach a compromise with the Democrats over the debt ceiling.

However, the Twitter campaign appears to have fallen on deaf ears among lawmakers. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed Speaker John Boehner’s plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut government spending.

While Obama’s Twitter campaign led to Republican representatives receiving a bunch of tweets asking for #compromise, there were many other users who were annoyed by the number of tweets that were being sent from Obama’s account. Thousands of users started to unfollow the president.

At the time of this writing, Obama has 9,362,940 followers. According to TwitterCounter, Obama had 9,396,253 followers Thursday, meaning that he has lost more than 33,000 followers in one day. Many users have tweeted negatively about the deluge of tweets from @BarackObama that saturated their timelines, but some praised the initiative.

Nancy Lennert made a good point when she said, “Permission marketing doesn’t give you permission to spam, @BarackObama! Next time send a link to a webpage w/all the info you want to share!” Anna Jeffrey summed up the feelings of many of those who unfollowed Obama: “@BarackObama is being pretty annoying on twitter today.”

“Deleting @BarackObama from list of people I follow on Twitter because he spammed entire timeline today. Like information hate gimics. #boo,” said Barry Combs. Among those who supported Obama in this initiative was Elizabeth Berry: “Dear Mr. President, @BarackObama, I think your twitter campaign is great. I won’t unfollow you.”

I wonder if even @ can be put in #twitterjail. He should be reaching his limit anytime now.
amelia shepherd ✔
My twitter feed has been totally flooded by @. Do I silence? Unfollow? Suffer?
Kirsten Mashinter
My first unfollow ever on twitter goes to @ ! Not interested in following a PR/marketing representative...
Gabriela Mtz Sainz
Great use of #twitter RT @ Mississippi voters: Tweet @ ask him 2 compromise on a balanced deficit solution #compromise
Jonathan Sachs

At least Obama’s staff had the good sense to acknowledge the number of tweets that had been sent from his account.

Thanks for contacting your legislators, and for sticking with us amid our tweeting today. We're done now, we swear.
Barack Obama
But keep contacting your legislators til we have a deal. You can find your member of Congress on Twitter here:
Barack Obama

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  1. opiapr says:

    There are a lot of ignorants out there. For them this will be annoying a picture of traffic sent by Justin Bieber will be a craze. Who cares about 33k dumb followers less.