INFOGRAPHIC: Websites Struggling To Block Social Spam

Flickr For almost as long as Facebook and other social networking services have been around, spam has been a problem for them. There are more than a few reasons why spammers prefer to target Facebook users than email accounts, as one piece of spam sent through social networking services is 250 times as impactful as a piece of spam that's sent via email. That's just one... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: How Scams And Spam Affected Social Networking Users This Summer

Spam and scams on social networks have been a problem as long as these services have been in existence. Any time that a social network has been launched, it has been plagued by scammers and spammers trying to profit illegitimately from that service's users. Indeed, we have reported on numerous instances where Facebook users have been targeted by scams, while Twitter... Read more »

Lady Gaga Falls For Twitter Scam

If you see any posts on Twitter with a link to a "Banned Lady Gaga Video," whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. The Facebook Scam Spam trend is spreading across Twitter claiming the Twitter queen herself Lady Gaga. The tweets are spreading through a rogue application that thousands of Twitter users have connected with. The tweet promises a link to a "banned" Lady... Read more »

Adult Spam Circulated By Twitter’s @toptweets Account

fail-whale We all spend enough time trying to stay away from spam advertisements which are constantly surging through the Internet without Twitter making it more difficult to do so. It seems some tweets containing adult content got retweeted by the official Twitter bot @toptweets, according to security provider Tweets from both @SkypeCamGirls and... Read more »