Facebook Launches Timeline, New-look Profile That Digs Into Your Past

Facebook has announced details of Timeline, a new-look version of your profile that lets you dig into your past and view a rich history of all your Facebook activity since you first joined the social network. Timeline was unveiled at Facebook’s f8 conference Thursday.

The profile is much wider than before and has a lot more going on visually. First off, you can designate a photo of your choice (your “cover”) that you can use to represent who you are. It’s the first thing that anyone will see when they visit your timeline. Your profile photo will be displayed at the bottom left of the cover.

As you move past the cover, you’ll find your photos, posts and life events as they happened on Facebook. You can choose what is displayed on your timeline — you can star your favorites to make them appear larger or hide items you don’t want to see. Of course, you can also choose who sees each story in your timeline thorough detailed privacy controls. If there are any gaps in your timeline (something important that happened to you that you never posted to Facebook), you can go back and add that information. Cool.

In your private activity log, you can see absolutely everything you’ve shared on Facebook since you joined. You can click on any post to feature it on your timeline so your friends can see something from your past too.

You can also add apps to your timeline. That lets you share the things you’re interested in — music, recipes, workouts or anything else. You can listen to the same song as your friends or watch the same TV show as them. It’s almost like Facebook is trying to be your online hub for everything.

Facebook will start rolling out timeline to all users in a few weeks, but you can start adding some of the new apps now. Once the timeline has been activated on your account, you can choose to publish your timeline straight away or review all the content there before sharing it with your friends.

Sounds pretty great to me. We’ll have plenty more f8 news throughout the day. Stay tuned.

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  1. Aprille_caesar says:

    Dumb! Why fix what isn’t broken?