Facebook Now Lets You Add Past Dates To Timeline Posts

Flickr Facebook has quietly rolled out a feature on Timeline that lets you add a timestamp with a past date to your status updates and photos. This will help you fill in the blanks on your Timeline as you add statuses about events you may have attended in the past. When you click the option to update your status or add a photo in Timeline, a clock icon now appears in the... Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebooks Mishaps, Controversy And Failed Endeavors

facebook-failures Facebook has caused a lot of controversy in its time. Most recently, the homepage redesign and added news ticker annoyed users and the new Timeline profile had everyone a little bit creeped out over how much information Facebook actually had. It’s unsurprising that most of Facebook’s issues stem from privacy and changes in the user interface because that directly... Read more »

Web App Lets You Create Facebook Cover Collage Of Your Friend’s Profile Photos

facebook timeline featured GraphicFlash has launched a website that will help you choose a cover photo for your Facebook timeline. The website, myFBCovers.com, allows you to choose from a variety of other cover images that others have added, upload a photo to use as your cover or create an image using the photo collage creator before adding the photo to your Facebook account through a Web... Read more »

Facebook Lawsuit May Delay Public Launch Of Timeline, 1.1M People Already Using Timeline

judge gavel legal featured Facebook is facing a legal battle against Timelines.com over the social network's new Timeline feature. Although a federal judge refused to grant a temporary restraining order against Facebook, the social network has said it will limit access to the new-look profile for now and full launch of Timeline may be delayed pending the outcome of the... Read more »

Don Draper Pitches Facebook Timeline In Mad Men Themed Video

Facebook’s Timeline has been the talk of the social media space since the new profile was announced at the f8 Developers Conference last Thursday. We’ve already finagled our way into early access to test out the new features and if that wasn’t enough, here’s a brilliant video to keep your anticipation at the highest level of high. If you’re a fan of... Read more »

Kobo Will Stream Your Reading Activity To Facebook With Kobo Pulse Feature

kobo featured Kobo has revealed details of Kobo Pulse, a feature that takes advantage of the new Open Graph API to share what you're reading on Facebook. The feature allows you to learn about the life of a book, connect with your friends, share your thoughts on what you're reading and take part in engaging discussions surrounding a book. You can choose to share your Kobo Pulse... Read more »

Facebook Kills Option To See Who’s Unfriended You In New Timeline

facebook signatures featured On Friday, we told you about a trick in Facebook's Timeline that lets you see which people have removed you from their friends list. However, Facebook has taken an about turn on this issue and has removed the ability to see who has unfriended you from Timeline. When you looked at which friends you'd added on Facebook in a particular year, it was evident which of... Read more »

HOW TO: Get The New Facebook Timeline Right Now

facebook signatures featured Unless you've been living under a rock for the last day or so, you will have probably heard about Timeline, Facebook's new-look profile that provides details of your entire Facebook history. At the f8 conference, it was stated that Timeline would be rolled out to all users over the next few weeks. But I have Timeline activated on my profile and you can get it right... Read more »

Want To Know Who’s Unfriended You? The New Facebook Timeline Tells You

facebook timeline featured Facebook's new Timeline version of user profiles is rather stunning. It looks great, is easy to navigate and helps you find just about any activity that's taken place on your Facebook account. When I say any activity, I mean you can find out who has unfriended you on the social network. BuzzFeed spotted a little trick you can use to find out who has kicked you off... Read more »

Facebook Like, Share Buttons Used By 25% Of Top 1,000 Websites, Clicked 65M Times

facebook like This year's f8 conference proved to be a barnstormer for Facebook, with the launch of the new-look Timeline profiles and an updated Open Graph (along with a new form of social apps). However, there was a pretty big feature that was launched at the 2010 f8 conference: the Like button. Since it was introduced in April 2010, the Like button has become almost ubiquitous... Read more »
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