Facebook Lawsuit May Delay Public Launch Of Timeline, 1.1M People Already Using Timeline

Facebook is facing a legal battle against Timelines.com over the social network’s new Timeline feature. Although a federal judge refused to grant a temporary restraining order against Facebook, the social network has said it will limit access to the new-look profile for now and full launch of Timeline may be delayed pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

Timelines.com had sought a restraining order to stop Facebook from allowing users to access Timeline, but Judge Edmond Chang refused to grant it. However, the judge said Timelines.com can try again to block the rollout and it was revealed that around 1.1 million people have enabled Timeline through Facebook’s developer program (find out how to do that here). Between 100,000 to 200,000 people are signing up to the developer program every day, according to Paid Content.

Facebook was expected to start rolling out Timeline to all users this past weekend (at f8, where details of Timeline were initially revealed, Mark Zuckerberg said Timeline would be rolled out to all users within a few weeks). However, Facebook has said it will not launch the feature before it and Timelines.com appear in court again on Tuesday. At that time, Facebook and Timelines.com are expected to present more in-depth arguments about whether an injuction should be imposed.

Timelines.com has a registered trademark for “timeline” and it has been using the word to provide a digital scrapbook of history. Facebook is offering similar functionality through Timeline (albeit your own personal history) and claims that “timeline” is a generic word and so can be used by the social network to describe the new-look profile.

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