Official: Google+ Has More Than 40 Million Users

In Google‘s quarterly earnings statement, the company’s CEO Larry Page has revealed that Google+ now has more than 40 million users. It was estimated at the end of last month that the social network had 50 million users.

“We had a great quarter,” said Page. “Revenue was up 33% year on year and our quarterly revenue was just short of $10 billion. Google+ is now open to everyone and we just passed the 40 million user mark. People are flocking into Google+ at an incredible rate and we are just getting started!”

Google+ launched in limited field trial at the end of June before allowing anyone over the age of 18 to sign up without an invite last month when it went into open beta. Page confirmed in July that the social network had
10 million users within its first 2 weeks.

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2 Responses to Official: Google+ Has More Than 40 Million Users

  1. Someone is churning lies.  This thing…sucks.  It’s more confusing than Farcebook, loaded with people joining my circles who I never heard of and who have no message to me saying ‘hi, [name]…(here’s why we connect, whether or not we ever knew one another…) So far every unknown circle jerker turns out to be selling something, even if not strictly speaking a spammer, is trying to pump link volume for whatever their ‘thing’ is without even researching my name to see whether or not said thing would likely be of the slightest interest to me. 

    Initial reaction was Meh.
    Quickly morphing to Bleh.
    Gets dropped once Blech stage reached.  So far, I haven’t gotten any positive back-and-forth noticed yet…so either I’m doing something wrong, not doing something right enough…or it Just Sucks.

    Any comments on YOUR specific experiences with it that might help me figure this out? Only have time for so many websytwosie social netwanking thingummies.  StumbleUpon I’ve been with since betatest days and still love it, except when I lose too much time to it…a sign of It Works, even if Too Well. :-)

    But Google +?
    Meh.  Bleh…
    or /yawn/?

  2. GUEST says:

    Demimonde - you are doing it wrong.